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Castle's Fillion on Working With Strasser on OLTL, "Robin Made it Very Hard for me to Fail"

Proud soap grad Nathan Fillion, who most One Life to Live fans consider to be the best of the show's slew of Joey Buchanans, recently spoke to Daniel J. Kroll at Soap Central about his time on the show. Here's what the Castle frontman had to say about working opposite the cougarific Robin Strasser (Dorian). 


In 2009, it seems every television show has a storyline featuring what is now playfully called "a cougar," or an older woman who is romantically involved with a younger man. When Fillion's Joey Buchanan was involved with Emmy winner Robin Strasser's Dorian Lord in 1994, it created quite a bit of controversy among the viewers. Maybe it was because Dorian initially sought to use Joey as a pawn in her never-ending rivalry with Joey's mother, Victoria Buchanan -- but the two did eventually fall in love.

"Yes, it was somewhat controversial," Fillion cedes, "but at the same time, it was really well handled. Working with Robin Strasser was one of the smoothest times I had on the show. Here I was, the brand new guy, but working besides Robin made it very hard for me to fail. Not everyone I've spoken to has had as positive an experience working on the soaps."

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Man I wish I had been watching OLTL when Dorian cougar-scratched Viki Buchanan's son! For the rest of Kroll's interview with Fillion go to Soap Central.