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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: If I Only Had A Brain

I feel the need to explain today’s title a bit. You see, it works on many levels. At the end of the episode we see signs of EJ getting his brain back. Then of course, there’s the fact that half the characters on this show seem to be brain dead right now. It was a better title then ‘Oh, god! Why is Melanie on?’ Oh, and if I only had a brain I would have stopped watching this show eons ago –lol! Anyway, on with today’s show…

EJ & Nicole:

The romance just keeps coming with the newlyweds, as EJ start’s dreaming Nicole is Sami while they’re getting hot and heavy. Nicole tries to get EJ’s attention and he snaps out of it. She asks what’s wrong and EJ gets defensive and starts going on and on about how it’s none of her business and he doesn’t want to be on of those couples who are attached at the hip and tell each other everything. Who needs a honeymoon when you can have romantic talks like this?

EJ’s phone rings and it’s the hitman they hired to kill Philip. Nicole leaves the room so EJ can talk. I get distracted by shirtless EJ as the hitman asks where Stefano is and EJ tells him he has to with him now. EJ tells him to stay out of town and not do anything because the police are looking for him now.

Nicole goes downstairs with Sydney and talks about how she is a DiMera now and no one will take Sydney away from her ever. Mary walks in and Nicole is surprised because she thought Mary had the night off. Mary tells her she missed her fishing boat so she just came back. They go on talking about fish and I sit on my couch wondering why the frack I am watching people on a soap talk about fresh fish!!

Mary takes Sydney from Nicole and goes to the kitchen to feed her. Nicole goes upstairs to see EJ. They argue again about Nicole wanting to know what’s going on. EJ tells her she knew what she was getting into when she married him blah blah blah. This is getting to be a broken record! They eventually stop arguing and start making out again but the phone interrupts them again. EJ has to take it and leaves.

Nicole calls Dr. Baker and tells him he has to get out of town before Sami and EJ figure out about the baby switch. Dr. Baker tells her it’s not his problem.

Downstairs, EJ is looking on his laptop and says to himself, “Well... looks like my instincts about Baker were right. More than a few skeletons in your closet, I see.” Yay! EJ’s finally getting a clue! So, at this rate maybe he’ll have it figured out for November Sweeps –lol!

Sami and Rafe:

At the penthouse, Sami and Rafe talk in circles – he keeps telling her she’s still in love with EJ and she keeps denying it. They pretty much say the same thing over and over for the entire episode and guess what it sounds a lot like the conversation they had yesterday too – tears, sarcasm, yelling and all! I think I’m getting dizzy from watching them talk in circles! Anyway, eventually Rafe takes off as Will comes home. Will asks a crying Sami why Rafe was there and if they’re back together. Sami tells him she doesn’t know.

Meanwhile, Rafe heads to the docks and has a temper tantrum interrupted by Arianna. She tells him she never thought she’d see him again. They hug.

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At the pub, Max tells Arianna she can go home early and asks if she’s seen Chelsea. Adrianna tells him she hasn’t.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Melanie spies on Chelsea checking the hospital computers to see if Max was accepted to med school at Salem University. So, being the ‘wonderful’ person she is, Melanie rats Chelsea out to Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker pulls Chelsea aside and gives her a warning. Personally, I love that the baby switcher is giving anyone a lecture on hospital ethics!

Max arrives at the hospital in time to stop Chelsea from strangling Melanie. He takes her back to the pub. They start to argue but are interrupted by Chelsea’s cell phone. She hangs up and tells Max that Billie has been in an accident. Well, I told her she’d only get hurt getting in between Carly and Jack on As the World Turns –lol!


Stephanie arrives at the hospital to visit Philip. She presents him with a surprise – plane tickets to Greece. Philip isn’t thrilled about leaving town right now so Stephanie sulks for a bit and then leaves. Outside, she rips up the plane tickets and walks away.

Later, Melanie decides to go see Philip. She tells him that she’s sorry that she plotted with the DiMera’s against him. She points out they both got hurt because of it – she’s a candy striper now and he got shot. He points out slowly to her that it’s kinda not the same thing. Philip seems a little more receptive to her though when she brings up the fact that he should do whatever it takes to get back at the DiMera’s.

Stephanie walks back into the room and Philip smiles. Melanie takes the hint and leaves. Philip asks if she’s mad at him about Greece. She tells him she isn’t and cuddles up with him on the bed. Melanie sees the ripped up plane tickets in the trash and then looks in on the Philip and Stephanie through the glass.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

At the hospital, Chelsea tells Kate, This is my mother we're talking about. I'm not just gonna stay here when I know she needs me there.

Will tells Chloe, “Look, I was wrong. My dad's better off with you.”

Sami confides in Lucas, “Rafe's not here. Lucas, I think I scared him away.”

Arianna tells Rafe, “Looks like I found you again just in the nick of time.”