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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


At first I was cool with Liz and Nik because as childish (and unprofessional) as the kiss was, it did prove a point to both Lucky and notEmily. Then once they were at Jake's and they were getting drunk and she was talking about Emily telling her about shoving her tongue down his throat (which I couldn't tell if Liz was joking or not), then it got kind of creepy and gross. I totally don't see those two as a romantic couple, getting it on. They have been friends and in-laws for so long that I see them as brother/sister and nothing more. Please don't go down that road with these two, show.


I don't like the banter between Patrick and Michael's doctor (does she have a name?). It would be just like this show to have Patrick cheat on Robin while she's recuperating from postpartum depression, with some new doctor who thinks she's better than he is. Please, no.

Luke/Ethan: I'm sorry, but why should I care if this greasy haired idiot is actually a Sutton/Spencer when they've made nothing about him likeable? And for all of Luke's talk of hating being a father, you'd think he'd want Ethan to leave town and not find out the truth.

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I liked that Lulu went to see Spinelli. They've softened her up a lot since her break up with Johnny and she's much more tolerable. I hated that Maxie came up with another contrived story to get his attention. Assuming that Spinelli isn't already wise to her and going along with the whole story for whatever reason, it's another lie that will blow up in Maxie's face and make him hate her even more. I hate that Winnie suddenly showed up because I thought (and hoped) that we were rid of her for good. How is she involved in the new firm? And did anyone else notice the sign on the door said, "McCall & Jackal PI"? Shouldn't that read "McCall & Spinelli", since the Jackal isn't his real name?!!

I hated that Jax went to Jason and basically gave him permission to kill Jerry.