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Man Arrested for Stalking Tyra Banks

How's this for creepy? A Georgia man claiming to have a "thing" with America's Next Top Model and CW talk show host Tyra Banks has been convicted on stalking charges, according to the Associated Press.


According to authorities, Brady Green, 39 had been calling Banks' studio repeately, threatened to slit the throat of one of her staffters when they refused to tell him where the studio was located, sent Banks flowers and eventually showed up at the studio. 

"I didn't know what to do. How do I live my life when I leave this building/ I had never experienced anything like this before," Banks told authorities, according to the AP.

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The former model-turned-television mogul testified in the case againt Green on Wednesday, telling the judge she feared for her safety and for the safety of her friends and family. Green had been arrested at a McDonald's near Banks' studio.

After being inspired by an episode of Banks' daytime show, Green got on a bus and traveled four days from Los Angeles to New York, according to the AP.

The idiot judge in the case decided not to jail Green and instead instructed the man's attorney to help his client get psychiatric help and find him a job. Luckily, Banks has upped her security detail.