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Two-Hundred Thousand GH Fans Vote to See Liason Wed!

Anyone needing further proof that Brian Frons is clueless about what the majority of his show's fans want need look no further. According to TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, over 200,000 fans voted for Liason in a recent poll about which soap couple should tie the knot.


GH would be wise to reunite Jason and Liz, considering a record-breaking 200,000-plus fans voted in last week’s poll demanding Liason tie the knot. The ABC soap can’t afford to piss off any more fans: Last week, AMC beat GH in the ratings again! In fact, Port Chuck lost a whopping 265,000 viewers — their lowest ratings in total viewers yet. GH clocked in with a depressing and measly 2,360,000 viewers. Here’s a new strategy: Listen to your fans and give them what they want. Just saying."

Speaking for myself, the only time I watch GH now is when Luke tells me I am needed on that week's ABC podcast. Give me Liason or give me the remote!

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