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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I'm still not feeling the Nik/Liz love. I also don't know where this sudden, "I want to get back with Lucky" business is coming from. People, you have to write the story and not just tell it to us after the fact.


Also, I couldn't stand the Lucky/notEmily stuff and had to fast forward through it. That is, until Lucky took off his shirt. Then I stopped and drooled a little!

I am not a fan of Coleman's (too icky for my taste), but he did give me the line of the day:

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Coleman to Nik/Liz: "Your brother and Emily, the sequel chick."

What exactly does Sonny think Jax should do? Drag Carly by the hair to the closest abortion clinic, strap her down and have at her with a rusty coat hanger? Or maybe he should pull a Sonny and shoot Carly with a bullet of love. That'll get the baby out of her.

Having said that, Jax is an idiot. He should have given Claudia to Sonny on a silver platter and that would have gone a long way in Sonny no longer being interested in what Jerry had to say. Why Jax (and Olivia) are keeping Claudia safe is a mystery to me. Although, I'm kind of glad that Claudia knows that someone else is aware of her part in this mess. I felt really badly for Johnny, who's trying to turn his life around, but keeps getting pulled in by his stupid sister and her crazy machinations.

Maxie, Maxie, Maxie, I told you this scheme of yours wouldn't work. I find it interesting that for the longest time they were trying to turn Lulu into Carly 2.0 and now they're turning Maxie into her. Carly always ran around town with a plan and now Maxie has taken on the torch. Of course she'll be attacked and since Spin can't tie his shoelaces without falling down, I'm sure Jason will come to Maxie's rescue, that is, after he rescues half naked Sam from whatever it is she's dropping down from.

As much as I don't like it when they make my man Ric so scuzzy, I do get a hearty chuckle out of the fact that he's making Claudia's life so miserable. I also liked Kelly's look of disgust, even though it was directed at my man!