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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Brooke and Stephanie Rumble

This show has it's stellar moments. Now that Rick and Steffy are off my screen, I thought Friday's episode was great!


On Thursday, Stephanie learned from Pam that her numerical error invalidated Ridge and Brooke's marriage. Poor gal, that's invalid marriage number six for her! Stephanie declared it a miracle and surprisingly used it to her advantage. Ridge came in and Pam kept her yap shut at Stephanie's request. Pam freaked a little, 'cause her "hands are made for crocheting, not typing." Stephanie told Pam that her mistake was Taylor's salvation and took the paperwork from her. She asked Pam to shred everything else. She saw this as a tool to "get rid of those Logan girls forever."

Meanwhile, Taylor has apparently quit her job as an intelligent psychiatrist in order to have conversations with a picture of Ridge. She told the picture that she regrets letting him go and that she is in love with him. She laments the life they do not have together. All this happened after she told Stephanie that she would not interfere in Ridge's marriage. I'm sure Stephanie can't wait to tell her about this one!

Thorne emerged from the basement and talked with Ridge about Rick still holding a job at Forrester. Thorne wondered how their marriage can take the strain of Rick's constant manipulation and Ridge said it was all about the commitment. Thorne admitted that he was worried about Ridge and what Rick could do to them. He said that he envied his older brother and wondered if he would always be alone. Thorne is envious of his "two marriages" because he relates so well to both Taylor and Brooke. The answer to that is yes. As long as you're in the basement Thorne, you will always be and Felicia.

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Thorne and Pam sulked about the Logan parade at Forrester and how much things have changed. Pam was quite upset that the Logans told the world to forget about Paminis, as I did weeks ago. Crochet is not the future of Forrester, Brooke's bedroom is. With that, Pam shredded a piece of lingerie while gloating that the Logan's foothold at the company may not be as strong as they think.

Brooke ran into Stephanie at Forrester and commented that she thought she was gone forever. She told Brooke she was happy that Steffy came to her senses and dumped her son of a bitch son. And so the battle begins! Stephanie asked about the toll on their relationship with Rick in the mix. Brooke wanted to know what Stephanie was up to.

Stephanie needled Brooke and wondered aloud if Ridge would marry her now, with all of Rick's shenanigans. She said it was a good thing that she got married before all this all began. Brooke lashed out at Stephanie and told her that Ridge married her for love regardless of his issues with Rick, much like she married Ridge regardless of her issues with his mother.

Brooke told her that she was no longer matriarch of Forrester Creations and Stephanie countered that the fashion world thought differently despite the fact that Eric has a trophy wife. Brooke fancies herself the matriarch because she and Ridge are the signature couple of Forrester, not Donna and Eric. Stephanie just had to ask her if her marriage to Ridge secured her place at Forrester. Although Stephanie would like to see Taylor in that position, Brooke reiterated that their vows were of commitment to each other and Forrester and she was as sure of that as she was of being Mrs. Ridge Forrester "today, tomorrow and forever." Stephanie wished her luck as the new self-proclaimed matriarch and advised her not to underestimate the competition.

On her way out, she touched some pink silk and said, "lingerie, what a surprise. I'm been gone three weeks and you turned the place into an underwear shop." Brooke said the Brooke's Bedroom line is profitable and Stephanie said that life isn't always about profit. Stephanie left Brooke with an unsettled feeling when she told her that things aren't always what they seem.

Big Steph rolled into her new home with Taylor while she was STILL mulling over photo albums. Taylor balked at Stephanie's pushing the issue about Ridge. Taylor, the moral compass of the family, learned from Stephanie that the object of her affection's marriage is invalid. I guess that makes it Ridge season in Los Angeles!