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Which Soap Is "Must See" TV?

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I learned something about my soap viewing habits last night. I had to take an unexpected trip out of town on Thursday and was gone over the weekend. This meant when I got home, late last night, I had two days worth of episodes from eight soaps piled up on my DVRs. After spending the majority of Sunday driving I wasn’t in the mood to slog my way through fifteen hours of soaps, so I had to decide which I was looking forward to most. The Young and the Restless ended up being that soap. It was a great way to relax and today's (Monday) episode was just as good. But what does my choosing The Young and the Restless say about the other seven soaps or how much I enjoy them?


The possibility of watching Maura West wasn’t enough to get me to watch As the World Turns, so it got zapped. The beauty of General Hospital in HD wasn’t enough, I deleted it. Being able to watch both episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful in just forty-five minutes wasn’t enough to entice me. It went bye-bye. I didn’t even give All My Children a second thought. It disappeared faster than Chuck Pratt can say “Jamie Luner.” While I enjoy Sami and Rafe and Days of Our Lives I couldn’t endure the possibility of watching Philip and Stephanie, after a long drive. John Black’s brains spent more time on a disc than those two episodes spent on my DVR. I did have to pause to think about Guiding Light and One Life to Live, but after a few minutes I deleted those four episodes too. I enjoy both shows, but they aren’t “must see” for me after a long day on the road.

This all made me wonder, which soap is “must see” for you when you only have time to watch one show?

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