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B&B Spoilers

In an interview with Michael Fairman, Don Diamont gives us more about new B&B character, Bill Spencer, Jr: “I would describe him as rogue-ish, as opposed to smarmy. He is politically incorrect, sexually inappropriate, and has no censor on himself, whatsoever. He says whatever is on his mind to anyone at anytime…no holds barred. He takes no prisoners and nothing or no-one intimates him. He is a highly competitive guy, an adrenaline junkie, and a mixed martial arts guy, and an Ultimate Fighting fan. Bill is quite a force to be reckoned with.”


“He has the JR Ewing kind of thing going. He is the guy that you tune in to see, ‘what is he going to do today?’ Look, I am actor and I want to act. So, to have an opportunity to go back to work is terrific. For Brad to entrust me to play this important dynamic character, I am very honored that he would give me the opportunity, and that he had enough respect for my ability that he offered it to me.”

Diamont confirmed that so far he has worked with Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Jennifer Gareis (Donna), Susan Flannery (Stephanie), and Heather Tom (Katie).

Also coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge and Taylor devise a strategic plan to get back at Rick, and their idea is met with mixed emotions when its shared with others; Marcus and Steffy try rebuild their friendship and put their past behind them. Snooze.

Brooke and Rick go head-to-head with Ridge and Taylor over a work matter; Steffy and Marcus reconnect over something they both experienced; Steffy returns her engagement ring to Rick. If only that was an end to this awful, interminable Rick/Steffy mess.

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Stephanie joins forces with Bill Spencer, Jr. of Spencer Communications. They strike out at Eric and the Logans, who are currently ruling the roost over at Forrester Creations. The resulting webcast causes misery for the Logan family but glee for Taylor and Stephanie.

Donna faces off against Bill but gets more than she expected. It looks like there could be sparks flying between these two. Frankly, if I could pick a woman for Bill to get involved with, bottom of the list would be Dumbutt Logan.

Owen tries to convince Bridget that he's not such a nice guy.

Jackie makes it clear to Owen that she expects certain personal things from him.

Nick grows concerned about Jackie's attitude change.

Rick gives Steffy a special gift, hoping she will change her mind about him. I’m hearing that Rick’s gift will be some sort of a tribute to Phoebe, hopefully it won’t be a song. Steffy is moved, as is Brooke, but Ridge and Taylor's reaction is exactly the opposite.

Rick's action impacts Brooke and Ridge's reconciliation.

Taylor unintentionally tells Brooke the truth.