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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Nik/Rebecca: What a strange pattern of events. She decides, after seeing Lucky's yummy chest, that she really wants Nikolas, even though she seems annoyed by that thought. Well, she's annoyed by pretty much everything, isn't she? So, she heads over to Windemere, in a storm, to declare her ..... interest? desire? wants? He's rip roaring drunk and they start making out, but then she decides she doesn't want to be with him, but when he wakes up tomorrow, if he wants to be with her, then come after her. Uhm, huh? After finding out that she can't leave because of the storm that she came in from five minutes ago, she decides to spend the night, but instead of staying in her own clothes like a normal person would, she finds and changes into a slinky negligee that clearly belongs to the previous woman of the house....THE ONE SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE! When Nik reacts, she says she'll go change, but then comes back in the same outfit and gets all schmoopy with him. OY! Talk about a couple who are going to drive me to drink!


I love Liz and Lucky and they've always been the end game for me, but I think I got whiplash from the speed at which they're back together. It was good to see young Cameron again. That is one adorable child actor.

Lucky to Liz: "How can we get it right this time?"

Perkie: "Stop sleeping with other people."

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I love my man Ric, but the boy can be kind of smarmy when he wants to. I actually thought he was going to prevent Claudia from getting to the hospital. Then I thought they'd get caught in the rainstorm. Listening at the hospital door is so not up to his standards however, I liked that he figured out that she would fake her pregnancy if she did lose the baby. Clearly my man has watched his share of soaps!

I love that Kelly clearly despises Claudia and doesn't take any guff from her.

I don't want Sonny and Olivia hooking up because she seems too good for him. At the same time that I was thinking that, I couldn't think of anyone that they could hook her up with. She'd have chemistry with Ric, but then there'd be the whole Sonny thing again. There are no other single men in town for her, except Matt, who's too young, and Ethan, and well, I wouldn't wish him on my worst enemy.

Luke/Ethan: Seriously, why don't they just start making out right there on the casino table? And Luke, stop bad mouthing your children, especially your son. Just because you don't like the fact that he's a moral, upstanding citizen with a real job, doesn't mean that he'll eventually hate himself.

I got a hearty chuckle out of Tracy's "Hi, how's it going?" to Epiphany to get the information she wanted from her.