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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.05.09


Its Sweeps right now… anyone notice? The big Sweeps story – sorry no stunt – is Michael’s surgery. He wakes up to his cousin Lulu and there’s plenty of hospital drama to go along with the storyline. Sonny, Carly, Jax, Claudia, Jason… all under GH’s roof waiting on Michael’s outcome.

A kid undergoing risky brain surgery and two knocked up ladies… is that good drama? Carly faints and remember Claudia doubles over fearing she’s losing her baby and insurance policy.

So Michael’s waking up… to Lulu no less. Will he be the same little Mikey? Nope. But we knew that already. Are we in for a re-do of one of GH’s best storylines? When Jason woke from his coma Jason Quartermaine took a back seat to Jason Morgan. Look for some similarities. Will it be as good? Nothing on this show is as good as it once was.

The Q’s involvement… Edward never met an heir he didn’t try to sway to the Quartermaine way. He’ll be hanging around the halls of GH. Monica SHOULD be involved too. Edward issues Rebecca another Cassadine warning.


Claudia… Coma patients remember things. Will Michael remember his step-mother’s confession?


Boring… NotEmily and Nikolas full steam ahead and it must be sex week coming up as Max and Diane also hit the sack. But back to the boring part. Alexis continues trying to prove Rebecca’s connection to Helena. Is she a plant to drive a wedge between Aunt and Nephew? Will Kristina distract Alexis away from Nikolas’s troubles? Will TPTB come to their senses and make NotEmily the RealEmily?

Speaking of boring, apparently the writers want to bore us to tears with a Lucky and Elizabeth reunion. Sorry to their fans, I’m just over it. Not interested in the same old, same old. NotEmily and Lucky interest me so much more. Hell, as awkward as that Nikolas and Elizabeth kiss was, I’d rather see them paired up. In case you missed it Liz and Rebecca are not becoming fast friends. Will Alexis have a partner in crime in her distaste of all things Rebecca Shaw. Alexis has proof that Rebecca was a little too close to the Cassadine home base.

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Holly hits town… Luke and Ethan go on a rescue mission to.


Robin’s returning too. After her treatment, she’s back at General Hospital. What’s Scrubs’ next story? Patrick has Michael’s case and despite previous RUMORS that Robin would play a role in Michael’s recovery it looks like their story will involve someone else? Who? Remember, Patrick knows a secret or two.

Spinelli and Maxie with a little Matt thrown in? What about JoMax, that dreaded Ethan and Lulu? Crazy kids, crazy summer ahead. But Johnny MAY not factor in as much as some hope. Will they move him more towards the mob?


Spoiler posts… as I’ve been telling you all, I have some things going on that take me away from the blog from time to time. When I can, spoilers will be posted. This Friday, there will be no post.