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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Ridge and Marcus Warn Steffy

Ridge and Brooke were ready hot and heavy in the office, while Taylor questioned the validity of the invalid document that Stephanie gave her. Ridge and Brooke reaffirmed their love and commitment and Ridge told her there was, "Nothing you can do, we can't survive Logan, nothing." Steffy came in and Brooke offered her comfort for the broken engagement and told Steffy that she felt it was the right thing to do. She left the office so Ridge and Steffy could talk alone. Steffy confessed that she feels stupid and used, but Ridge told her it was not her fault. Rick was a trainwreck and nothing but trouble. He told her to not feel guilty or ashamed, but to move on as there are far better men in the world. Just then, Marcus stopped in and also told her she did the right thing. Both men warned her to stay from Rick because he is unpredictable and dangerous.

Owen and Jackie tore a page from Brooke's playbook by making out in the office. There was a touchdown in Owen's future, but they were interrupted by a knock at the door from Ariel announcing a meeting. Imagine that, working at work! It's a wonder Forrester and Jackie M. are solvent companies with all the office fracking going on. Anyway, Clarke, Owen, Jackie, Nick and Bridget assembled to hear Jackie announce a promotion for Owen as the new Chief of Staff. Nick questioned her, but got lots of sexual double entendres as responses. No one but Jackie and Owen were in on those private jokes because no one else at the meeting was smart enough to figure them out. Seriously, Chief of STAFF? Get it?


Moving on. Bridget congratulated Owen and offered to buy him dinner, he accepted and they kissed. Bridget had that twitterpated look on her face and Jackie watched with a smile, then closed the door. Later, Jackie told Owen they would go over his duties and asked if a 30 percent raise would be acceptable. Not bad for a bankrupt company. She told him to go to dinner with Bridget, but Owen wanted to make sure everything was okay with her. Jackie locked the door and the cougar roared.

Brooke went to see Rick in his office and told him that he really hurt Steffy. Brooke discouraged him from talking to her and said to leave her alone. She also blamed him for the breakup and said the recording proved his animosity and bitterness toward Ridge. Rick told Brooke she should question Ridge's accountability for setting him up. Brooke denied that Ridge set him up and she told him that was he was trying to excuse his own behavior. She warned him again, "Don't you dare go near that girl", as she and Ridge are in jeopardy because of Rick's involvement with Steffy. She told Rick that she did what he wanted by supporting his relationship, now he has to do what she wants and back off. Brooke said she doesn't want her marriage to blow apart. Rick reevaluated the way he handled Ridge and Brooke wondered if he even heard what she said. She reiterated her point and demanded he keep his distance because she and Ridge are not bulletproof, especially when it comes to Steffy.

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Stephanie told Taylor there was nothing holding her back since Ridge isn't really married. Nothing like splitting hairs, eh? She also mentioned that Taylor would not be compromising her integrity, but I can't see how that could not happen. Stephanie confided that it was Pam who made the error on the license and told her that "in life there are no real accidents." Brooke always chooses her son, unwaiveringly. She felt that Taylor's new information gave her an easy fix because Ridge can't live he has been and he will not be able to live with Brooke if Rick keeps interfering. Stephanie sees Rick as the ultimate wedge for the couple and all Taylor has to do is find the right time to show him the document. She warned her that Rick won't stay away from Steffy or Ridge. He is the kind of person to go after them; he's a Logan, that's how they are. She felt that the document was Ridge's ticket to freedom.

As Steffy heard the warning voices of Ridge and Marcus in her head, Rick appeared in the doorway, staring. At the same time Taylor told Stephanie, "If Rick continues to be a problem...alright Steph, I'll go to Ridge and I'll fight for him...and I will win."