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The Young and the Restless Belated Monday Recap: The Wedding


Katherine and Murphy's Wedding Along with Jill's Drunken Antics:


Ana sang while Katherine walked down the isle greeting all her friends and family along the way and looking like the beautiful duchess that she is.

Outside the mansion Nina busted a drunk Jill breaking into her own house. Brock officiated the ceremony and when he asked if anyone objected to the marriage Nina came crashing in and apologized for the disruption but looking like she'd just been in a scuffle. Lauren arrived late and found Jill tied up and gagged in the closet which was obviously the end result of the scuffle. Lauren unfortunately let her out and Jill crashed the ceremony in a drunken slur which I'm sure Luke enjoyed since he loves his drunken divas. She started to go off on Nina for tying her up as Lauren tried to control her. Cane finally got Jill to sit down while Murphy and Katherine exchanged vows.

After the ceremony Daniel tried to get everyone together to take a family picture but Jill came blabbering in saying she wanted Nina arrested for tying her up and sticking her in the closet. I gotta tell you I wish Nina would stick around because that's some funny stuff right there. Nina explained that she found her outside and tried to reason with her but when she couldn't she stuck her in the closet. Katherine was extremely amused by this confession as was I. Cane finally got Jill to agree to go upstairs but she went pouting because she didn't want to take a nap. Again I'm laughing so hard that my inability to breathe due to my pneumonia is even worse hehe. 

Jill stumbled downstairs and Katherine asked her why she showed up to the wedding drunk and making a fool out of herself. Jill said she wanted to wish her well but Katherine wasn't buying it seeing as she knew how Jill felt about Murphy. Jill, again, right in front of Murphy even, started to try and convince Katherine that marrying him was a mistake so Esther told her to knock it off and leave. This started a mass family argument with Jill calling people names such as calling Esther a simpering idiot and calling Murphy trailer trash. Katherine snapped and yelled at her to stop it and that she wouldn't let her play the victim since she was the one to turn her back on their relationship. Jill accused Katherine of only sending her an invite to make herself look good and Jill look bad. Katherine yelled to get Jill out of there so Cane and Billy escorted Jill out. 

Amber, Daniel, Jana, Kevin, and Mac stood around talking about Mac's relationships with both of the guys. This annoyed Amber so she went over and commisserated with Chloe. Chloe left to go check on Delia and Amber gave Nina well deserved props for shoving Jill in the closet. 

Over at the club Billy asked Jill what she was thinking getting drunk and making an ass out of herself. Jill said she really did want to wish Katherine well but then she saw how happy she was and realized how insignificant she was to Katherine. Billy and Cane both told her if she wanted a relationship with Katherine to talk to her and work it out. 

Jill hit on a younger waiter asking him if he had a hangover cure and showing us the cougar we all knew she had in her to be. He asked if the coffee was helping and she said no. She told him she thought he might be the hangover cure and asked him when his shift was over. He told her in about an hour so she slipped him her room key which he greedily accepted. Seems this guy likes him women experienced and could see Jill had mad skills. I wonder if she kept the gag and ties Nina used on her in the closet, could be fun, hmmm. 

Up in their room Katherine and Murphy talked about feeling young at heart. He asked her what they were to do now which I thought was going to lead to old people nookie which I was going to say, "right on, you go duchess," but she just told him they were going to live every moment as if it were their last and they kissed.

The Mac/Billy/Chloe Triangle Situation:

In her vows Katherine said if two people are meant to be together nothing will stop them. This made Mac flash back to her wedding to Billy in that very same spot and so did he. 

Cane came downstairs after getting Jill into bed and Mac asked him how she was. He said she was sleeping and Mac gave him props for how good he was with her. She left to go talk to Kevin and Billy came over to ask Cane if this was payback for him. Billy said it seemed like Cane was trying to take everything else away from him since he didn't get Cordelia such as buying his favorite bar and then hiring Mac. Cane told him not everything had to do with him and reminded him of all he had with his family and career.

Chloe called Billy at the club to see how Jill was doing. Billy told her he wasn't sure how long he'd be so she should go ahead and go home. Chloe unhappily agreed that she'd see him when she'd see him. 

Billy returned to the wedding and found Mac standing outside alone. He asked her to dance and she agreed. Mac asked how Jill was and Billy said she was up to her eyebrows in coffee. She then asked where Chloe was and Billy said she went home. They both admitted they were thinking about their own wedding during the ceremony and talked about their feelings back then and what they thought about each other. Mac realized the situation was becoming innappropriate and started to leave. Billy stopped her and she told him to go home to his wife. Billy responded by kissing Mac just as Chloe walked up. 

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Mac pulled back from Billy and slapped him before running off. Chloe came up and kissed the cheek Mac slapped and told Billy to come home with her. This left me disappointed as I thought Chloe had more fire in her than that and would have gone off on him, oh well I guess.

Kevin and Amber's Legal Woes:

Michael and Kevin talked and Kevin told him he was a great brother for not giving up on him and standing by him through everything. Michael promised Kevin he'd get him through all of it. Katherine came over and told Kevin she was happy he came and how guilty she felt about all the trouble Kevin was in. Kevin left to get something to eat and Katherine asked Michael how the case was going. He didn't sound optimistic especially about the hard line the D.A.'s office was taking. Katherine told him the Governer was a friend of hers and she'd try to get him to give Kevin and Amber a full pardon. 

The Governer returned Katherine's call and she talked to him about pardoning Kevin and Amber. Katherine told Michael that the Governer was going to look over the case, and while he couldn't make any guarantees he was going to take Katherine's feelings into consideration. An excited Michael relayed that information to Kevin who didn't seem too excited about anything. Maybe he's missing Chucky Chipmunk the Imaginary Rodent Boy, he'd probably be the only one who did.

Ashley's Mental State and Victor's Accusations:

After Victor gave a very nice best man speech Neil came over and told him about getting the job of CEO at Chancellor. Victor said he was shocked but wished Neil the very best. His attempts to seem gracious however did not come across that way. 

Victor tried to talk to Billy about Jabot but he had to go check on Jill. Katherine came out right after and Victor talked to her about giving Neil the CEO job. Victor tried to air his grievances of how Katherine handled the situation without talking to him first but she laughed it off saying he'd never check with her before making a business decision so why should she. She then told him she was disappointed in him for blaming Nikki for the situation with Ashley and Sabrina's dress. Victor tried to defend his actions due to Nikki's past mistakes with David Chow and admitted he thought if she hadn't been with David he and Nikki would probably still be married. But Katherine told him to stop clinging to the past and look to the future. I would have thought that Katherine knew Victor well enough now to know he holds a grudge longer and better than anyone else on the planet. Victor told her she'd better get back to Murphy before he got jealous, after all Victor is the Sonny Corinthos of Genoa City with his magic ability to knock women up. 

Ashley approached Nikki and told her she didn't believe as Victor did that Nikki was setting her up. Nikki asked if she knew who was responsible. Ashley said she thought she did but didn't want to say anything yet. Victor came into the room and Ashley left to go talk to him. Jack came over and Nikki told him about her concerns for Ashley and told him about the Sabrina situation. 

Jack asked Ashley how she was doing and Ashley assured him she was fine. She left to go talk to Lauren and Jack told Victor he was worried about his sister. Victor told him not to be since Ashley was just fine but Jack wasn't convinced. 

Nikki was dancing with Paul and saying how she was done putting up with Victor's abuse, which I still don't believe, when Victor came over and asked if he could cut in. Paul left and Victor in a round about way kind of apologized for accusing Nikki of setting up Ashley. But she saw right through it and he admitted the reason he was apologizing was to appease Ashley. 

Katherine threw the bouquet and Nikki caught it as Victor and Ashley looked on.

Suspicions of Mary Jane Benson:

Meanwhile Paul met Mary Jane and thought he knew her from somewhere. She got uncomfortable and left to go back to the ceremony. 

Paul stated his suspicions about Mary Jane to Nikki saying he felt like he'd met her before but had no idea where. Jack then asked Mary Jane what she was talking to Victor about earlier. She said she was just chatting with him, trying to get to know all the major players. She told Jack she had a headache and he offered to drive her home but she said she already called a cab. She apologized for bailing and left. 

After the reception Jack went to Mary Jane's room at the club and brought her some pie. He asked her how she was feeling and she said she was better. She came onto Jack and kissed him. This led to them starting to have sex.

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