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Adrienne Frantz Slams Sunset Beach

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco elicited this gem from Adrienne Frantz about her time on the doomed sudser:


Listen, after Sunset Beach, I’m happy to have been working on the top two-rated soaps in the medium. I’ll give you a scoop: I hated being on Sunset Beach. They were so mean to me. Truthfully, I was nice and professional, but they made me feel like this acting business was unhealthy and mean-spirited. Luckily, I left the show, and two weeks later I booked B&B. I love Brad Bell for hiring me. You know, it was hard to play Randy Spelling’s love interest when his father, Aaron, was the boss. It was really weird. Aaron’s eyes were always on me whenever I was in a love scene with Randy. He even made me chop off all my hair despite the fact that I refused to initially. I loved my long hair. I even cried when they made me chop it all off. And then Aaron actually yelled at me for crying over the incident. My gripe was that there was no story reason behind it. You don’t do that to a kid.    

After watching her on Sunset Beach, I never would have predicted that she'd become an Emmy-winner on The Bold and the Beautiful, and then take the same character to even greater success on The Young and the Restless. The girl's come a long way since her days playing second fiddle to Randy Spelling's cringe-worthy rapper Shawn Richards. (Randy Spelling is now a life coach in Los Angeles, click here to read how his thoughts on how "life can be an eternal river of love and joy.")

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