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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.06.09


Nursing a Cinco de Mayo hangover? Be warned that this may make you nauseous. According to a report in this week’s TVGuide, Holly comes to town to tell Luke he is the father. Say it isn’t so! There is much more story potential if Robert Scorpio is the pops. Interesting tid bit… Nathan Parsons (Ethan) read for the role of Dante but didn’t fit the part because he is Australian despite most fans thinking his accent is a fake. TPTB - or TIIC as I like to call them - were so taken with Parsons, they created the role of Ethan for him. They should have stopped at him not being right for the role of Dante. CAUTION: Another interview with Emma Samms had her playing coy about Ethan’s paternity.

Speaking of yet another Corinthos child… lord there are way too many of them. Dante is still being cast according to sources. The original plan was to have Dante already in town when Michael woke up but the casting wasn’t going as planned. Do we really need more of Sonny’s offspring? Jason can’t be around the one child he has but Sonny has them literally coming out of the woodwork.

Kristina, Morgan and Michael all got new faces. What about Molly? They’re still casting the role of the SORAS’d Lansing-Davis offspring. With an older Kristina what’s coming up? We’ve already dished on the teenage rebel who isn’t too fond of her father. She’ll tie into Michael’s story as he gets better and some RUMORS have suggested that Helena MAY be involved. Kristina will definitely give her mother some grey hairs. Sisterly advice? SHOULD be happening. Sam has been RUMORED to step in a try to help a sister out. Kristina MAY be finding a confidante in her former step father.

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Does anyone seriously believe that Elizabeth and Lucky won’t be backburnered? I don’t. Once their reunion serves its purpose, don’t expect to see them much. Is that why Greg Vaughan has been auditioning so much? Remember he revealed he auditioned for a role on the Melrose Place update.

Now I love my Liason but I am not so jaded to believe that the pair alone can give the ratings a saving boost. Will Liason fans that deserted the show come back? Most likely but I would never assume that one pairing could save the ratings. Help? Sure. Save? No way! Brian Frons however is putting all of his eggs in JaSam’s basket. When and IF he fails, who’s to blame then? Here’s a tip to Mr. Frons… TELL BETTER STORIES. The lack of unoriginal writing and lazy storytelling is what is killing your shows. That and your own personal need to meddle. If you wanted to be a soap writer, that’s the job you should have applied for.


Scrubs fans want a little love in the afternoon for their couple when Robin returns. Will they get it? Some say no, others say yes.

Is Kate Howard done in Port Chuck? RUMORS say she is. Spinelli uncovers a secret of Kate’s. Great! I love secrets, can’t get enough of them, especially ones that never come out yet most of the world knows.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Why is it always Lulu? REPORTS say that the actors auditioning for Dante have done so opposite Julie Marie Berman. There was also a mention that new Michael ran some scenes with potential Dantes. It APPEARS it is Olivia who Johnny takes to bed. Is there a reason for this? RUMORS have Johnny being moved towards the older set of characters and away from the young adults. Luke asks Lulu to do some digging.