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RUMOR REPORT: Setside Sources Say TeleNext Talks with Guiding Light Cast About Lifetime and Oxygen!

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Sources have revealed to Daytime Confidential that Telenext Media Corp. allegedly met with the cast of

Guiding Light

last Thursday morning to discuss an update on the show's future. Telenext reportedly admitted to the cast that they were in talks with both Lifetime and Oxygen and said talks were going "very well". 


Guiding Light

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will more than likely find a new home", says the source. "Jill Lorie Hurst has been asked to write and map out stories for a complete first year on a new network. There was also a lease drawn up for studio space."

It seems everyone over at the

Guiding Light

camp is very hopeful. Sources also told yours truly that "Now is the time to hit Lifetime and Oxygen hard with email's, snail mail, phone calls, and postcards. They love

Guiding Light's

loyal fans." I think that says it all.

Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential for more updates on the developing story.