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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Nick's Jealousy Flares

I might be in a soap time warp again, but I thought it was strange that Bridget's reveal as Madame X was just hitting the newsstands. Katie, Forrester PR person extraordinaire, was consulting her sisters on what to write in a press release about Bridget and Stephanie. Hmmm, maybe Katie needs a new job. That is something that should be pretty easy to write up. Maybe I'm missing the point. It was really about bringing the Logan girls together in the work environment and highlighting the fact that there were no Forresters around for miles.


Brooke conceded that she had no clue that Bridget had given up medicine for a career in the fashion game. It's not surprising considering she has focused all her energy on Ridge and Rick. The conversation turned toward Bridget and Nick working closely together and Katie became tense. Brooke thought that Bridget's new life surely would not include Nick and Katie said that she did not have an issue with it. Donna thought differently and realized that Brooke leaves the room whenever the subject of Bridget and Nick come up. Donna sensed Katie's uneasiness and told her that she should be over the moon about planning a wedding and wondered why she isn't. Of course Katie's insecure, no wedding date has been set!

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Bridget had the bikini collection brought up to the office so she could find something to wear on her date with Owen. Nick came in and seemed a bit edgy about Bridget's excitement about her first real date since their divorce. Nick tried to get her into something more modest, but Bridget's engines were running full tilt and that just wasn't gonna happen. Bridget asked if there was something wrong with him, reminded him that he was engaged and was going to be her future uncle-in-law. Nick didn't see the humor in it and didn't have an answer to the all important question of the day...why is there no wedding date?

Jackie and Owen were getting cozy as he prepared for his date with Bridget. Jackie assessed his apartment and set out to light every candle in Los Angeles so that the romantic setting would just right. Owen was so impressed and Jackie told him that she had lots to teach him in Romance 101. The whole time, she wondered if Bridget was still in love with Nick and if this date would be enough to arouse Nick's....ummmm....jealousy.

Jackie returned to the office to find Nick stewing about the bikinis that Bridget was trying on. Jackie asked if he was jealous and he denied it. We were treated to Nick and Bridget flashbacks, all of them in Nick's non-jealous mind. Jackie wondered aloud if Nick's feelings for Bridget were preventing him from walking down the aisle with Katie.

After Jackie left, Brooke came for a visit. She was very concerned about Bridget working at Jackie M. because of Nick and Katie. Nick told her that aside from Jack, they have nothing to discuss. As a mother and sister to both women involved, she disagreed. She told Nick that she did not want him to lead Bridget on, forget about her and move on. She feared that Nick would use Jackie M. business to get closer to Bridget. Brooke wanted to know when he and Katie were going to get married and she told him that Katie wanted to know as well. They were engaged at Christmas, but neither has even discussed a possible date yet. Brooke eyed Nick and moved in for the kill. Bridget dumped him, not the other way around, she teased. She leaned in, stared him down and asked him if he would take Bridget back if she wanted. Nick squirmed a bit, then Brooke said, "I think you would."