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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Quests of Genoa City

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Today seemed to be the day for the residents of Genoa City to go on random quests. So let's see where they are headed....


Sharon's Quest for a Baby Daddy:

Step one: Sharon sat at the club and flashed back to finding out that she was pregnant and then to her trysts with the three possible baby daddys, Nick; Billy; and Jack. Her mom showed up and she confessed to her that she was pregnant. She asked Sharon if Jack was the daddy and her silence led her mom to believe she wasn't sure. She assumed that the only possibilities were Jack and Nick but Sharon confessed again that there was a third possibility. It's kind of like a deal or no deal game with the winner being behind doors numbered one, two, or three but the odds were in favor two to one that it would be an Abbott. Sharon's mom told her she needed to find out who the daddy was or the stress would eat her alive and trying to hide it wouldn't benefit anyone least of all the baby. Sharon said she was going to tell Nick first and if the baby was his as she hoped it would be then she would never have to tell Jack about Billy. On her way out to see Nick Sharon ran into daddy contestant number two, Billy, and they had an awkward conversation before she took off.

Step two: Sharon showed up at Restless Style and interrupted a conversation between Nick and Phyllis about his own quest, which I'll get to later. She tried to get Nick to talk to her alone but Phyllis wouldn't leave and started apologizing to Sharon for trashing her room. Sharon went into bitch mode and wasn't buying it and let Phyllis know as much. Eventually she gave up and left before telling Nick anything.

Step three: Sharon went to Jabot to talk to Jack. He started to open a small talk discussion with her but she butted in and blurted out that she was pregnant.

End Result: Sharon's quest was left unsuccessful as of today, but if her secondary quest was to act like an immature teenager today then I think she hit pay dirt there. Don't ask me why but she seemed majorly off today and not like herself. Could be hormones I guess. *Shrugs*

Nick's Quest to Find his Destiny Career:

Step one: Nick went over to Victor's and they discussed Neil getting hired at Chancellor and how that pretty much sealed the fact that Neil wouldn't be returning to Newman Enterprises. Victor said he'd already picked a replacement for Neil which was Nick and went on to tell him how impressed he was with how Nick ran Newman Enterprises in Victor's absence and with what he's done at Restless Style. Nick realized that this would be a full time position and told Victor he would need some time to discuss it with Phyllis since that would mean leaving Restless Style. Victor told him that his intention was to hand the reigns of Newman Enterprises over to him and Victoria.

Step two: Nick went over to Restless Style to talk about the job offer with Phyllis. Needless to say she was none to happy about the whole thing. She reminded Nick about the emotional abuse he suffered at the hands of his father the last time he worked at Newman Enterprises. Nick assured her this time it would be under his terms with a written contract to protect his interests. Phyllis wasn't buying it but Nick said it was worth the risk. Phyllis asked him how far he would be willing to go and what he would be willing to lose for this. Nick remained silent with that famous blank stare of his and Phyllis was appalled that he would be willing to lose the magazine over this because there was no way she could run it by herself and that she would have never done this to him. Nick said he would always regret if he didn't take the job at Newman Enterprises and resent whoever ended up in the position. Phyllis told him she knew working with his father again was Nick's dream but the magazine was her dream so why should Nick get his if it meant hers falling apart.

End Result: Nick's quest to make a career choice is still unresolved and up in the air, but he was dead on in damaging the progress he and Phyllis had made towards their marriage being repaired.

Adam's Quest of Mystery:

I'm not sure what Adam's quest is for yet, but he's definately up to something. Here's what he did today...

Step one: Adam successfully eavesdropped on the conversation Victor had with Nick about offering him Neil's old job. When Victor said he was going to one day hand the reigns of the company over to his children he only named Nick and Victoria which didn't shock Adam but didn't leave him very happy either.

Step two: Rafe came over and told Adam that if he showed remorse it would give him a good case to get the sentence reduced and he could have Adam free in a matter of a couple of months. Adam said it would only free him from the ankle bracelet but not from the darkness. Rafe responded that Adam could have a good life with Victor's help but Adam said it wouldn't be help it would be charity because in Victor's world it's survival of the fittest and a blind man doesn't stand a chance.

Step three: Victor came in and told Adam that he was flying in a specialist to look over his case and see if there were surgical options to restore Adam's vision. Adam said he wasn't interested in being a guinea pig but when Victor asked him to just consider the options Adam agreed. After Victor was gone you could tell by Adam's expression that this was going to put a serious hitch in his plans.

Step four: Adam called Heather's voicemail and feigned being upset that it was going to take months to get him released. He then begged her to help him get out of there sooner. After he hung up he got that smug as hell Adam trademarked grin on his face, which confirmed my suspicions that he's up to something, one of my suspicions being that he's not blind at all and may be behind the Ashley finding Sabrina's stuff mystery. Which leads me to my next Genoa City Quest.

End Result: Adam's quest is still in progress but I have a feeling with him being a literal chip off the old block he's going to raise some major hell soon.

Ashley's Quest to Pin her Recent Insanity on Estella:

Step one: Ashley walked in on a conversation between Estella and Rafe about Adam and as soon as Rafe was out of the room flashed the picture she was holding so Estella could see it. Estella immediately recognized the picture as the one of Victor and Sabrina on the night that she died which Estella had been looking for. She asked Ashley if she'd had it this whole time and Ashley said she found it in her closet along with a receipt for the replica Sabrina dress and earrings which were purchased on her credit card. When she asked Estella what she had to say for herself Estella became baffled by the accusation and insisted she had nothing to do with any of it. Estella reminded Ashley that she'd been a loyal employee of that household for years and Ashley snapped that she was probably thinking long before Ashley came and long after she was gone. Estella started to get very upset and tried to say she wouldn't presume anything but Ashley continued to bite her head off saying she hadn't gone to Victor yet because she didn't have proof but when she did Estella would be the one who would be leaving.

Step two: Ashley was left alone and found items of Sabrina's on the desk. She started to freak out yelling for Estella. Victor came in and asked her how she got ahold of Sabrina's things and Ashley was speachless in panic mode.

End Result: Ashley's quest to prove Estella is behind the Sabrina stuff bombed but her progression towards driving herself insane seems to be working out quite well.

Billy's Quest for Power, Recognition, and Respect in the Workplace:

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Step One: The black sheep's went to Jack's office at Jabot to confront him about not giving him any position of meaning at the company. Instead he found Ashley who tried to reassure him and told him to be patient. Billy wasn't having it and said if Jack wasn't going to appreciate him he knew someone who would. When Ashley asked who that was Jack walked in before Billy could answer. He and Billy started to argue and Jack said he thought Billy would appreciate the flexibility of a lesser position because of his new family. Billy, being outraged, told Jack that he wouldn't be an errand boy after he ran the company. Things started to get really heated so Ashley stepped in and reminded Jack that they had to go to a meeting. Jack continued to be smug and told Billy to get his priorities straight and then left with Ashley. After they were gone Billy got a visit from the ghost of John Abbott who tried to explain to him why Jack is the way he is. Billy said that respect was important to him and John asked him what was important to Chloe and Mac and then was gone.

Step two: Billy went to the coffee house to find Katherine. He told her in a round about way that he was interested in the CEO position for Chancellor. Katherine told him she'd hired Neil for that position but that Neil would be hiring soon. Billy told her with the issues he and Neil had it wouldn't work out.

Step three: He went to go see his mom at the club to check on her. He made a wise crack that her drink better be gingerale because he already occupied the position of the black sheep for the family. He gave her the jist of the situation with Jack at Jabot which she found predictible. Then he told her about how he tried to get the CEO position at Chancellor but Katherine had already hired Neil. This made Jill freak out saying she was going to take action to stop it and she took off as Billy finished her drink and watched obviously amused.

Step four: He put on his responsible side and went to the Newman Ranch to talk to Victor. Billy reminded Victor of how he told him the door would always be open for him at Newman Enterprises. Victor said things had changed and he no longer had a position for him. Billy asked him if he was sure and Victor said he was but things could change in the near future so to check back with him. Billy respectfully thanked him for his time and asked Victor to keep him in mind if anything opened up.

End Result: Billy seemed to strike out today folks but I don't see that slowing him down. I'm sure he'll have a drunken binge, followed by a one-nighter with the possible mother of his soon to be child, hit on his ex-wife/ex-cousin/recurring tonsil hockey partner, get into a fight with Chloe over her possessiveness, and then get his second wind and try try again.

The Quest for a Full Pardon for Kevin:

Step one: Our first soldier in this quest was Michael who went to see Katherine at her home. They jested about the drunken Jill drama at the wedding and then Michael once again thanked her for calling the Governer. She asked if he'd heard anything from them and he said they were looking over his brief. Let's hope that's his legal brief and not his boxer briefs because I think Lauren is the only one who looks over those. 

Step two-Phase one: Over at the coffee house Kevin and Jana discussed his chances of getting the pardon. Kevin said it wasn't likely that the governer would give a pardon to a homicidal maniac but Jana told him he was a hero not a maniac. When Kevin didn't seem convinced she led him inside to his welcome home party where all his friends and family were waiting to greet him and support him with open arms. Michael and Katherine joined them and Michael assured Kevin he would tell him when he got news whether it was good or bad, but if it was bad they still had options. He then toasted to Kevin and all he'd survived and conquered. It was all nice and good until Jeffrey opened his big trap and mentioned Chucky Chipmunk the Imaginary Rodent Boy. Kevin freaked out and ran to the back so Michael yelled at Gloria to get Jeffrey out of there.

Step two-Phase two: Still at the coffee house, post freak out, everyone watched in wait while Kevin had a minor spat with the espresso machine. He told them they needed to quit hovering and get back to their lives. He told Amber she needed to focus on her designs, Daniel needed to focus on his gallery showing, Michael needed to focus on his clients who were not family members, and Katherine needed to act like the newly wed she was and go "canoodle." They all agreed to do that and started to clear out. Katherine called Michael when she got home and told him she was going to have dinner with the governer to discuss Kevin's case. When Michael asked her what that meant she said she couldn't make any promises but it sounded like things were going in their direction. Michael handed the phone over to Kevin who thanked Katherine for her efforts. Katherine reminded him she was in his debt for giving her life back to her.

End Result: This quest seems to be moving in the right direction so far so we'll put this on the pending but looking hopeful pile. And now onto our final quest....

Jill's Quest to Become a New Woman with a Fresh Start:

I know it sounds like a sorry slogan for a feminine hygiene product but seeing as how Jill started her quest today that might be exactly what she needs.

Step one: Jill made me very proud as we saw the much younger hottie waiter whom Jill had dubbed her "hangover cure" asleep in her bed. She woke him up and gave him props for his skills then told him he needed to go. He said he couldn't because she stole his mojo but she assured him she would put it to good use because this was a new day and she was a new woman. Call her Cougar and hear her roar!

Step two: Jill went to the coffee house where she tried to properly congratulate Katherine and wish her and Murphy well. Katherine didn't believe her and Jill defended herself saying she went to the wedding in the first place to wish them well but everybody jumped to the assumption that she was there to cause trouble. Katherine defended their assumptions by bringing up Jill's recent behavior towards her and Murphy. This led to the start of another argument between the two but Jill stopped it saying they both needed fresh starts and said goodbye. I almost expected Jill to rub it in that she got some action on Katherine's wedding night when Katherine herself didn't but then again we don't know for sure. *Wink.* On her way out she ran into Jeffrey and he and Gloria left with her to go discuss their plan.

Step three: Jill, Jeffrey, and Gloria went to the club and discussed their plan over drinks. They were determined to get money out of victor by blackmail. Jeffrey reminded them of the blackmail they already had of Victor being responsible for Ashley losing her position temporarily at Jabot. Jill told them she already played that card and it didn't even phase Victor. She told them she needed to find a way to get Neil's old job at Newman Enterprises so she'd be front and center in a position to get the dirt on Victor. Jeffrey brought up the idea that maybe Victor didn't have any secrets but Gloria scoffed and said a man like Victor always has secrets.

Step four: After Jill found out about Neil getting the CEO position at Chancellor and ran out on Billy she went upstairs, packed her bags, and moved back into the mansion with Katherine who looked none to happy about it.

End Result: So far so good! Jill has changed into a cougar-esque schemer with a bit of a drinking habit that I'm sure Luke finds amusing as hell. I know I do, just as I know I'm looking forward to seeing how Jill progresses on her quest to bring Victor down.

Coming up tomorrow.....

Billy goes to see Mac at the bar and tells her he has a few things he needs to deal with and Mac responds that he does such as his wife and daughter who aren't going anywhere no matter how much he might want them to.

Sharon tells Jack that there's more to this situation then he knows.

Ashley tells Victor and Victoria that these were more things of Sabrina's that showed up with no explanation and then asks Victoria why she's looking at her that way.

Question for today....

Which quest are you most interested in seeing how it plays out?

A.) Sharon's quest for a baby daddy

B.) Nick's quest to find his destiny career

C.) Adam's quest for whatever it is he's doing

D.) Ashley's quest to pin her insanity on poor Estella

E.) Billy's quest to find respect, power, and recognition in a job

F.) The quest for a pardon for Kevin

G.) Jill's quest for a fresh start and to be a new woman one who will bring Victor down