Will Let's Make a Deal or The Dating Game Keep You Tuning in to CBS Once the "Light" is Turned Off?

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Creativity apparently knows no bounds at CBS Daytime. According to Variety, Bloom and Co. are planning to shoot an in-house pilot for a Let's Make a Deal update to possibly replace Guiding Light. Also rumored to be on tap is a re-hashed version of The Dating Game. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but haven't updates of both those game shows already been attempted in recent years, and failed? Anyhoo, when Guding Light, the serial that signifies a genre that has allowed the big three to underwrite their much more expensive, splashier, yet-nine-times-out-of-10 less successful, primetime programming for oh, the past half a century or so goes off The Tiffany airwaves this September, will you stick around to watch a Bloom-sanctioned game show fart fest?