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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Just the other day I was wondering why Spinelli had reverted back to calling Maxie by her name and hadn't given her a Spinelli-istic name and today, I got my wish. When he called her "The Faithless One", I actually gasped. Ouch. And what I find interesting is, despite him saying it several times, she never called him on it. Poor self destructive Maxie.


Speaking of Maxie, I'm not sure how I felt about her top. At first I thought it was a dress, than realized that she was wearing jeans underneath, but it seemed a bit much. I loved the color though. Lulu, on the other hand, holy cleavage showing, Batman!

Luke/Lucky/Ethan: For all of Luke's talk of not caring either way if Ethan is his kid and Ethan can go on with his life either way, and blah, blah, blah, he was certainly in a hurry to drop the news to Lucky. There was no need to tell his kids until the results came back positive. It's almost like he did it to hurt Lucky. I hate that they're rewriting history to show that Luke cheated on Laura around the time Lulu was conceived (assuming Ethan is a Spencer). The Luke I remember had eyes for Laura only.

Stupid line of the day:

Ethan to Lucky about Luke:
"A man can stray no matter how deeply he loves."

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What a load of poop that is.

Despite the fact that I hate the whole Luke/Ethan story, I was waiting breathlessly for the test results and my channel cut out for about three minutes before coming back to stupid Nik and notEmily, so did they tell us the results or are they waiting until tomorrow?

Speaking of NikEmbecca, I rarely fast forward because I don't want to miss something that might become important, but I had to with these two. I figured, they would either start a paint fight or he'd hurt himself lugging that stupid dresser around the room. Here's a crazy thought Rebecca, get off your butt and help him move the stupid thing. NotEmily has found herself a seat on my hate bus, right beside Sonny and Winifred!

I don't understand Patrick's rabid need to do Michael's surgery RIGHTNOW. I also don't understand when Jax became the decision maker in all of this. I do like that Jason told Carly the truth, whereas Jax had no intention.

Does it make me evil that everytime I see Michael with those electrodes attached to his forehead, that I think of Frankenstein?