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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.07.09

So Ric Lansing is a goner… well MOST LIKELY he’ll be the murder victim in the big murder mystery for the summer. Rick Hearst will vacate his two time Emmy winning role in June. It’s a sad day, whether you loved or hated the character of Ric Lansing, Rick Hearst is a top notch actor who wasn’t used to his potential on General Hospital. What does that mean for all the Ric SPOILERS and RUMORS I already dropped? Rewrites most likely as WORD on the street is that Hearst was still in negotiations for another gig as early as last week.


Ric and Kristina… They were RUMORED to have a bonding time of sorts when the new Kristina hits the screen but with her step father not long for this Port Charles world that MAY not be happening.

Ric and Claudia… He wants a paternity test as soon as Claudia pops out that baby. Too bad he won’t be around to enforce his court order. Is Claudia the culprit? Her hits usually go wrong.

Ric and Sonny… Will the brothers make peace or will Sonny finally order a hit on his own flesh and blood.

Whatever it is, however it goes down… ABC Daytime is promising that Ric goes out with a bang.

Despite some close calls… Michael makes it through the surgery and we all know that he wakes up to Lulu. Will the two form a bond? Is that what they have planned for Lulu? IF Ethan turns out to be her brother there goes that possible romance and it looks like Johnny is being moved away from the young adult set when he beds Olivia and gets deeper in the mob. So is the Michael storyline a good fit for Lulu? Back to Michael coming out of his coma. He’s upset that his parents aren’t there to welcome him back to the land of the living when he awakens. Lulu tries to call Carly with no success. She gets a hold of Sonny who spreads the word and rushes to GH with Jason not far behind. How will Michael react when he learns he lost a year of his life and why?

Holly hits town and stays with Patrick? WTH? I know they flirted while in the Markum Islands but does a little flirtation mean ‘hey come stay with me next time you’re in town?’ Is the Metro Court not good enough for Holly Sutton?

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Robin comes home. The Scorpio-Drake family is reunited and it feels so good. Patrick is happy to have Robin home and his family back together. More Robin – Ethan interaction? Yep! Ethan’s maybe sister offers him some sage advice. Don’t trust everything Holly has to say.

This brings us to Ethan and the paternity debacle.Emma Samms said she tells Luke he is the father in a recent interview. In a previous interview she alluded to the fact that she may not even be Ethan’s mother. What’s a GH fan to believe? Tony Geary was pushing for Ethan to be a Spencer and with Luke confessing to cheating on his angel, well anything is possible. I would like to go on the record and say despite me not being an Ethan fan all these secret sons and daddy issues that seem to be coming up… not interesting at all.

Spixie stakeout coming up… Will the pair get back on the right track? I like them but they are yet another couple/pairing on this show that has the same conversation over and over again. I’m starting to tune out one of my favorite duos and that is not a good thing. According to SPOILERS, Spixie get a little “hot and heavy” while on their stakeout and they miss their intended target.


Will Michael want to live at Greystone? There SHOULD be drama on both sides of the parental front for Michael. His desire to reside with his father MAY be a plot point to get Michael in close proximity to Claudia. Remember there are OLD RUMORS that Michael and Claudia become friends of sorts. COULD this all be a big set up? Claudia’s fearful that Michael will remember her declaration of guilt for his shooting. Will Michael be plotting from his hospital bed to get back at dear old dad for marrying the woman who took a year of his life away from him? Plot point number two… daddy issues. Michael’s getting another brother and the plan from the get go has been for Dante and Michael to butt heads. Originally, Dante was to be in town before Michael woke up but the casting of Dante has them flip flopping the order on the story board. What’s Sonny to do? Concentrate on the son who lost a year of his life because of the choices his father made or the son he never knew he had?

CRAZY and RANDOM … Luke is convinced Tracy is hiding something. Jason tells Claudia he knows everything. Carly faints again. Claudia has a miscarriage and pretends to still be with child. Classic soap storyline. Matt and Maxie scenes coming? Maybe. Jason has some questions for Johnny. Kristina is RUMORED to be trouble with a capital T.


How about a section I’d like to call some of the CRAZIEST RUMORS (possibly FANFIC) I’ve seen? Could be fun… I’ll dish on some of the more “out there” RUMORS and you can laugh or cry depending on how you take them. Remember, these are some of the CRAZIER items out and about so get your salt licks out! We’ll start with the Quartermaines. Nothing gets the fans of General Hospital going more than the possibility of losing another Q. What if another Quartermaine is RUMORED to be kicking the bucket? There has been some CHATTER that John Ingle would like to retire and killing Edward Quartermaine would be a huge story that COULD give longtime fans some closure on the character. Some are comparing this to One Life to Live killing off Asa Buchanan. Now, the RUMORS that go along with this one say TPTB would try to lure back another Q to fill the void. Wally Kurth perhaps? Here’s where a little FANFIC comes in. IF Edward does die, would that spark another storyline? Could Edward’s will uncover some truths that have been hidden?

Still under the CRAZIEST heading let’s talk Ric Lansing and his impending demise. As I mentioned earlier, it seems his death is coming as Rick Hearst’s big exit. Who kills him is where the CRAZY comes in. One RUMOR that just crossed my screen this am is that Kristina offs her step daddy. WTH!? Could this be another FANFIC? How about another attempt at redeeming the character of Claudia Zaccharra? These RUMORS said that there MAY a who pulled the trigger story coming after Ric completely loses all his marbles and goes after Kristina as a way to get back at Sonny. Is Kristina defending herself with her step-mother taking the fall to protect her? Is this the big murder mystery?

No Spoilers tomorrow... ask away today!