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Grey's Anatomy Celebrates 100th Episode Tonight

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It seems like just yesterday that a little show called Grey's Anatomy debuted as a mid-season replacement for Boston Legal, after Desperate Housewives. Remember those days?

A little over four years later so much has happened at Seattle Grace. Grey's Anatomy aired after the Super Bowl. Derek and Meredith are on the verge of finally tying the knot and ending their never ending breakups and reunions. Isaiah Washington is gone. Kate Walsh's Addison swept into town, but now appears on her own spinoff Private Practice. Shonda Rhimes upped the hunk factor by having McSteamy join McDreamy as part of the cast. The character of Cristina - portrayed by one of my all time favorite actresses Sandra Oh - is in love with McRamboKatherine Heigl's Izzie gave us one of the show's most memorable scenes as she mourned Denny's death crumpled (see picture after the jump). Callie and George went from being a sweet couple in love to a divorce and Callie liking "Hello Kitty." Meredith's younger sister Lexie popped up. Chandra Wilson's Miranda Bailey continues to be the heart and soul of the show.

Like almost every show Grey's Anatomy has had a few bumps along the way and it isn't as popular as at the height of its popularity, but even during its "bad times" it was still a show I couldn't take off my DVR. Below are my Top 5 favorite Grey's Anatomy scenes or scene. What are yours?

Top 5 Grey's Anatomy Scenes

No. 1: Izzie mourning Denny's death in the red dress.

No. 2: Cristina and McRambo standing on the air vent.

No. 3: Addison Montgomery introducing herself to Meredith as Derek's wife.

No. 4: George discovering Callie dancing in her underwear

No. 5: Cristina begging Meredith to get her out of her wedding dress after Burke called off the wedding.

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