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Nielsen Comes Under More Fire

Variety is reporting television executives are royally pissed with Nielsen Media Research over delayed primetime ratings.


Patient network execs -- who are accustomed to Nielsen ratings delays, which usually take place around long holiday weekends -- had nonetheless grown impatient as they woke up to yet another day without any numbers.

"It makes you really wonder, though, about the validity of anything they put out," huffed one network exec, who sarcastically added, "I love it. It's like a vacation."

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This is just the latest in a long line of recent public relations headaches for Nielsen. The company itself recently admitted that 8 percent more people were watching television than had been derived from data from Nielsens "People Meters".

Nielsen also came under fire recently when Sunbeam Television sued the ratings monopoly, citing "unlawful conduct". According to Sunbeam, Nielsen's shoddy reporting has cost them $100 million in advertising revenue. Hmm, I wonder how much it's cost daytime?