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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Drama, Drama, Drama

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It's drama, drama, drama today on The Young and the Restless with a who's the daddy story heating up, a family who can't trust each other, and a triangle that's quickly turning into a trapezoid...Enjoy!


Sharon's Pregnancy Drama:

Jack was elated to hear the news that Sharon was pregnant. He admitted that he knew the baby could be Nick's but it didn't matter to him because either way he wanted to raise the baby with her. She tried to tell him there was more to the situation, such as her relationship with his baby brother, but Jack kept insisting nothing else mattered. Before she could get into things further Mary Jane and then Billy came in to talk to Jack about business so she said she needed to go home and rest and left.

After she was gone Mary Jane and Billy tried to talk to Jack about what they needed to do at Gloria's trial but Jack was too distracted and they noticed this. He told them he knew what he had to do and not to worry about it. Mary Jane told Jack to keep his night open just in case they needed to celebrate, which was an obvious come on that even Billy picked up on, but Jack said he may have other plans. Once Mary Jane was gone Billy asked him what was going on. Jack confided in him that Sharon was pregnant which left Billy with a look on his face like he got kicked in the gut.

Once Sharon got back to her room she lied down to rest and had a dream. In that dream she was at a playground and Nick was pushing Summer on a swing but couldn't see or hear Sharon. When she called out to Nick Cassie came around the corner instead. Sharon was excited to see her and Cassie said she told her there would be another little girl. Sharon assumed Cassie was telling her the baby was going to be a girl but Cassie told her she was talking about Summer. Sharon fainted in her dream and was caught by Jack who started to reassure her. Then suddenly he morphed into Billy which jerked Sharon awake and to Billy's voice calling out to her to let him in from outside her room. She opened the door and he came in asking her if she was pregnant.

Restless Style Drama:

Nikki received a call saying that the photographer was in the hospital and would not be able to make it to the photo shoot. When Nikki got to the office Nick and Phyllis were arguing again about him leaving Restless Style and going to work at Newman Enterprises. When Nikki found out what was going on she became worried that Nick would end up hurt again by Victor. Nick assured her he would be fine and they went back to trying to figure out the problems with their upcoming issue. Things got worse when the props place sent over the wrong backdrop and sent the one they needed to another place cementing that they would have to shoot on location and go past their budget. It seems like nothing is going right for this issue but I'm sure they will figure it all out just in the nick of time. Pardon the pun.

Nikki and Paul Good Drama:

Nikki and Paul started their day at Crimson Lights discussing and joking about the fact that she caught the bouquet at Katherine's wedding and that meant she would be the next to get married. Their fun was cut short though when Nikki received the call about Restless Style and had to take off.

Later Nikki went to the Newman Ranch to talk to Victor about offering Nick the job and Victor blew her off as usual. She talked to Victoria though who told her mom that she was happy Nikki and Paul were together because he treated her better than Victor did.

Pan back over to Crimson Lights, Paul returned with what was obviously an engagement ring for Nikki. Nick came in and noticed it and seemed happy that Paul was going to propose to his mother.

Ashley's Insanity Drama:

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Ashley and Victor were trying to figure out how Sabrina's stuff kept popping up when Victoria arrived. Victoria looked at Ashley wondering if her mental problems were returning and she was responsible for all this and Ashley noticed this look. Ashley snapped and said she had nothing to do with this and was determined Estella was behind everything.

Victoria went upstairs and started to go into Adam's room to snoop but was surprised when she found him sitting alone in the dark. Adam accused her of snooping and they had a bit of a sibling tiff over the whole issue. Later Adam insinuated to Ashley that Victoria might be the one responsible for Sabrina's items showing up.

They rejoined Victor and Ashley downstairs and continued to discuss when Estella came in. Ashley started to interrogate her about where she'd been all this time and what she'd been doing and even asked who if anyone she'd talked to over the phone. Estella remained firm that she had nothing to do with this and Victor told her she could leave. Ashley worried that Victor was just going to let this go but he assured her that he would get to the bottom of the situation no matter what.

Billy/Chloe/Mac Drama:

Billy met Chloe at Crimson Lights and told her about going to Victor to try and get a job. She asked him why he was doing that instead of just staying at Jabot but he told her he wasn't happy with how Jack was running things. She flashed back to Billy kissing Mac and asked him why he had to push things when what he had was just fine and he responded that he didn't want to settle.

Billy then went over to Jimmy's to talk to Mac. He tried to flirt with her ordering drinks such as a sex on the beach or a passionate kiss but she cut him off. She told him he had to stop coming on to her. He told her if she showed up five minutes earlier before he married Chloe then they would have been together instead. She told him that she didn't so he should let it go. He said he couldn't he just had to deal with a few things. She reminded him those few things were a wife and daughter who weren't going to go away no matter how much he wanted them to. He responded that he could be a good father to Delia and still be with Mac instead of Chloe because he and Mac had their life together ripped away from them and it wasn't fair. She snapped that life isn't fair and he could jump on a plane and go to Darfour to see just how not fair life can be.

After Billy was gone Chloe showed up at Jimmy's after finding out from her mom that Mac was working that day. She started to snipe at Mac that Billy didn't need or want her anymore because he now had Chloe and Delia. At first Mac was appeasing saying she told Billy that but eventually Chloe started to hit a nerve saying that she and Billy were just alike with their menace to society devilish ways. So Mac pointed out to her that the reason he was the way he was could be because he lost Mac to begin with. This didn't sit well with Chloe but my guess is she knows it's true.

Coming up tomorrow...

Mary Jane asks Phyllis about Jack and Sharon

Sharon tells Billy this situation isn't all about him and he says he knows that because it's about Jack too

Michael tries to get a recorded conversation with Gloria thrown out of court but the judge doesn't go for it

So question for the day is....

Who do you think Billy should be with?

A.) Mac after all she is his first love

B.) Chloe after all they are married and have a kid

C.) Sharon after all she may be having his kid and they like to drink together

D.) Lily after all that would be a great way to get at Cane

E.) Other after all Billy the self proclaimed he-slut of Genoa City needs something new to play with