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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Very intriguing things are about to happen on The Young and the Restless.


Cane/Lily: The duo finally get hitched but is something amiss with Cane? Before they get married, Lily spots Cane outside of Indigo and he appears to be troubled and Lily notices this. Lily has no idea what Cane's hiding from her and she's totally unaware of what's going on but fans will see (through flashbacks) that he is when he starts to remember.

Cane and Lily then talk about their past and she tells Cane the reason why she and Daniel didn't work out was due to his lies (thought it was the porn?) and tells Cane she knows they will work because he's always been truthful to her. While they are in an embrace, Cane has a pained look on his face but Lily isn't aware of it. At her dad's place, Neil presents Lily with Dru's wedding dress and the duo share a close moment. Before the wedding, Kay tries to give Cane an extravagant gift but he refuses it and asks her to donate it to homeless children. The couple are finally married but is it the end of their fairytale?


Actress Della Reese will appear on Y&R as Great-Aunt Virginia and has some mind blowing news for him. Aunt Virginia tells him something about his dad that proves he's not related to the people he thought were his family.

She starts to become wary of Daniel.

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Gloria/Jeff/Jill: Seems like their plan to take down Victor will move full steam ahead. Jeff gets a call from his bank in the Caymans letting him know that its in some serious problems and may fold. So the trio fly down to the Cayman Islands to save their funds. Unfortunately for Jill, she's not able to yank her money out in time and is nearly broke! Jill decides to head home so she can be present for Cane's wedding, and contacts Victor to send his jet to pick her up. Jill gets the shock of her life when Victor declines her request and fills her on a secret: He's the reason why the bank has gone under! Victor pulled his loan to the bank as payback on Jill and Gloria resulting in the bank folding. Jill calls Jack for help but he too vetoes her request but decides to help when he figures out that Jill can be an ally on taking Victor down... Told you that it sucks for slonkey Bardwell to mess with TGVN!

Victor: Along with Olivia they are both scared for Ashley's mental status.

Paul/Nikki: Fans of this couple get ready to break out your party hats. Although he and Nikki have been dating for a few months, Paul decides to ask her to marry him! Paul and Nikki have known each other for 30 years and although they haven't been intimate since that time, the circle of life has been completed so to speak for the duo. Things have pushed the couple together and made them reunite once again. At Crimson Lights, Paul pops the question to Nikki. It wasn't the perfect moment he wanted to but while the pair happened to be chatting, Paul asks Nikki to be his wife. Nikki is taken aback by his proposal and Paul at first thinks that Nikki's shooting him down when she starts to give her answer.

He then starts to wonder if he should have asked Nikki for her hand in marriage. Paul starts to question and ask if he shouldn't have been so hasty. Nikki quashes his fears, all she needed was some time to think about it and heads off to speak with Katherine. Nikki then confesses to her that if she decides to marry Paul, she's only reacting to Victor and Ashley being together and starting a family. However Kay soothes her fears. Later on Nikki finds Paul and he thinks that she's about to shoot him down but she agrees to marry him. The duo know they have to tell everyone about their engagement including Victor, Nikki only does this because he's the father of her kids and decides to tell him in person. After Nikki tells Victor at the ranch about her upcoming marriage, Victor wishes her well. In private with Victoria however, he wonders if Nikki's making a mistake... Ya'll already know what this mean.....