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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ok, here's what I saw today and how I saw it:


Patrick: Michael should be operated on RIGHTNOW!

Matt: You're gonna get sued, man.

Patrick: Chicken.

Matt: Ok, I'm scrubbing in.

Liz: Doctor, would you like the skull saw?

Patrick: Why no, I'm sure this tiny scalpel will cut through just as easily.

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Jason: Wring my hands, look constipated, I mean, concerned...Dr. Hensen versus Patrick.

Carly: Wow, that's a lot of medical information to ingest all at once. If only I had someone to talk to about this, someone in the medical profession that I could bounce it off of. Like, a mother or something. Or if Michael had a grandparent with medical knowledge to help me make an informed decision. Oh, hey Jax, we're doing the procedure, 'mkay?

Sonny: Freakin' Carly won't end her pregnancy and I can't shoot her in the head and make decisions about Michael on the same day. What to do, what to do?

Claudia: Hey, ya'll are hanging out in this room? How come no one told me? Well, I'll just sit here in the corner drinking my water, pretending that I totally wasn't to blame for why ya'll are here.

Nikolas: Hey, how come we have to repaint this room? Kelly's was only rebuilt a month or so ago and shouldn't be looking all dingy and stuff.

Rebecca: I don't know, but watch me flip my hair back from my face while we get paint on each other, 'cuz that's so totally hot. Then let's make out with the smell of paint in the air.

Epiphany: There is no chance in hell you two are related.

Tracy: Na na na boo boo!

Luke: I'm going to throw out these test results, but wait a minute, maybe while I stare at this paper, it will suddenly occur to me that Tracy might have changed the DNA results.

Let me whore out my daughter to catch Tracy in a lie. Right after I polish my Father of the Year award.