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Grey's Anatomy Reaction: 100th Episode

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SPOILER WARNING: If you live on the west coast or have the episode on your DVR continue reading at your own risk.


Boy oh boy did Shonda Rhimes pull a fast one by having Alex and Izzie end up marrying instead of Derek and Meredith. Maybe it is because I don't read Grey's Anatomy spoilers, but I was honestly didn't see that coming. In retrospect I should have, but I didn't. Is it just me or does Grey's do "wedding" episodes exceptionally well? In my post earlier today I mentioned that the scene where Cristina and McRambo stood over the fans was one of my all time favorites. Well, I think this episode may end up being one of the best of the season?  

I know many Grey's Anatomy fans have been upset with the Izzie sees Denny storyline or have stopped liking Izzie because of Katherine Heigl and her diva-ish behaviour outside of the show, but for me tonight's episode reiterated how important she is to this show. I'm having a very difficult imagining Seattle Grace without her and I hope, beyond hope that they don't get rid of her at the end of the season.

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Even though I really enjoyed the twist of marrying Alex and Izzie and not Derek and Meredith the problem that this poses, for me, is that this probably means that Derek and Meredith won't marry this season. This of course means we're going to get another season of these two arguing over their relationship, and I am sick and tired romantic woes of these two.

What did you think of the 100th episode of Grey's Anatomy?

I will update more screencaps from the episode later tonight.