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Suds Report Blind Item: Which West Coast Super Soaper is Being Asked to Take Recurring?

Apparently It's as hard out there for a soap vet, as it is a soap fan. TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is reporting a "West Coast superstar" is being asked to go on recurring. Why don't they just spin off that tiger who mauled Tony to death a few years back on DAYS and let him kill up everyone over 40 on all of the soaps—except Y&R which actually values vets— and just be done with it? 


Come on Kenny, Babs and Fronsie, you know you want to! Just team up to give us one big, bloody, garish, vulgar, confused, bisexual, angry, poorly-written, three-day-a-week, CGI-affair, starring Amy Locane from season one of Melrose Place, that wipes out Luke, Viki, Dorian, Bo, Hope, Aunt Maggie, Jackson, Grandma Hughes, Bob, Kim, Lisa, Tom and all the rest. The last act of the story will culminate in the tiger chasing poor Erica Kane to her death through the streets of Pine Valley. The tiger will then be shot dead by Jamie Luner as the beast feasts on poor Erica's tiny bones. Then Liza Colby and whoever Pratt casts Locane as (Ruth Martin? Mona Kane? Aunt Phoebe?) can make out until Zach shows up and Ruth starts licking her lips...It ain't the economy that's killing soaps. Click here for more Suds Report dish!

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