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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Trials and Tribulations

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Today was the day for Trials and Tribulations on The Young and the Restless. The civil suit finally goes to court, Sharon once again deals with the fact that there are three possible daddies for her baby, and Adam moves his mysterious plan one more step in his direction.

The Trial: Gloria vs. The Abbotts

Michael joined Gloria and Jeffrey at Crimson Lights where they seemed unafraid and worry free about the upcoming civil trial happening later that day. Michael told them that this was very different than the criminal trial because reasonable doubt didn't matter. The only thing that mattered to the judge was what the evidence showed to be the most likely cause for the face cream debacle.

Once the trial started Ashley got on the stand and explained how not only did the situation cost the company in revenue but personally caused damage within her family. She told the judge how it caused such a rift between her and Jack that she moved to Hong Kong to put distance between them and how it took years to mend that rift. She also explained how her daughter Abby got ahold of the tainted cream and was burned when she put it on her skin.

After that Gloria was put on the stand and the Abbott's attorney brought up the recording where Gloria admitted to tainting the face cream. It had been thrown out of the criminal trial and deemed inadmissable so Michael objected to it being played. But the judge wanted to hear what it said so she was going to allow it. Before they could play the tape however, Gloria admitted she was the one who tainted the cream. She sounded remorseful and said that she was pushed into doing that by how her now deceased husband's kids were treating her. She played it up like she was the victim driven to do things she would never have done otherwise but that she never meant to hurt anyone, least of all a child.

When the judge came back she not only awarded the Abbotts their victory but doubled the amount they requested in damages. She told Gloria that she had no idea of the ramifications of her actions and that Gloria was lucky she wasn't the judge in her criminal trial otherwise she'd be going to jail for a very long time.

After the trial Gloria and Ashley got into a pretty impressive verbal catfight. They each threw accusations at each other about their characters, morals, and relationships with men. It didn't seem like either one was going to back down until Ashley was hit with cramps and Billy told Gloria that Ashley was pregnant and called her an idiot while Jack called the hospital.

Gloria, Jeffrey, and Michael went out for drinks after all the drama was over and Gloria attempted to drown her sorrows. Jeffrey reminded Gloria that they got divorced so he still had his money which was more than enough for them to live off of. Michael watched in disgust as Gloria called Jeffrey her hero and then left. Jeffrey got a call after Michael was gone letting him know that the bank where his money was being held was going under and panic started to set in.

At the hospital the baby ended up being ok but Victor talked Ashley into taking a leave of absence from work and going on bedrest. She was fine with that but wasn't elated about having to spend so much time at the ranch flashing back to all the Sabrina incidents. Victor told Jack about Ashley taking leave from work which Jack was fine with but Jack also said he wouldn't let Victor isolate her from her family.

Now personally I've never liked Gloria and I have to admit I liked seeing her get some punishment for her actions but in all honesty Ashley's been annoying me a lot more than Gloria lately so I'm not sure which I would have liked to see win the catfight. Maybe in the future we'll get a real one, that could be entertaining in the least.

Adam's Mysterious Mischief

Adam is becoming the master lurker this week as he eavesdropped on another conversation between Nick and Victor at the ranch. Nick accepted Victors offer for him to be COO of Newman Enterprises. Victor once again praised Nick which I think really annoys Adam by the looks he gets. Nick told Victor about a bank where they have investments going under and suggested they pull out of it. Victor told Nick he trusted him to take care of the situation so Nick said he would. Turns out this is the same bank that the aforementioned Jeffrey was going to lose money because of. Then Nick turned the conversation to warning Victor about Adam. He said he respected that Victor hadn't turned his back on Adam but reminded him of everything Adam had done in the past.

Heather snuck into Adam's room and Adam asked her to help him get a medical discharge so he didn't have to stay at the ranch anymore. He said he was sick of having Victor watching his every move and told her about Ashley and thinking she was going insane. Through some finesse and seduction he seemed to be swaying Heather his way but before they could finish Victor knocked on his door.

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He hid Heather in the closet and then let Victor in. Victor said the eye specialist would be there tomorrow which led Adam to try and talk Victor out of having him examined by the specialist. Victor wasn't swayed though and told Adam to be ready for the specialist. After he left Heather came out and told Adam she agreed that he should see the specialist, then they made love.

In the aftermath Adam told Heather she was the only thing keeping him going, so she told him she would help him get the medical discharge.

Gotta say I have always found Adam and Heather hot together which is weird because alone both characters drive me nuts. I do enjoy Adam being a chip off the old Victor Newman block though and I look forward to future mischief from him. I often wonder if he and Colleen teamed up what kind of hotness that would bring. Potential out the gazoo I say.

Sharon's Baby Drama:

Billy kind of freaked out on Sharon saying he just went through this and didn't want to go through it again. Sharon told him no one needed to know the baby could be his but Billy said secrets like this always come out and the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt Jack. Sharon became uncomfortable in the conversation and told him she needed some time to herself. Before he left Billy told her he wasn't mad at her because everyone makes mistakes. After she was sure Billy was gone she grabbed her purse and left herself.

Over at Restless Style Mary Jane and Phyllis commisserated over Sharon and her hold over both Nick and Jack. Mary Jane asked Phyllis if Sharon was always a klepto and Phyllis responded that she wasn't with trinkets but has always stolen other women's men.

Sharon went over to the park and found Nick pushing Summer on the swing. He saw her and went over to see what she wanted. He asked if they could discuss whatever it was she wanted to discuss later but she said she needed to tell him right then. Before she could get it out though Summer screamed. They ran over to her and found she fell off the swing and hurt her wrist.

At the hospital Phyllis showed up and wondered why Sharon was there. Sharon told her she was there when Summer fell and drove them to the hospital. Phyllis didn't harp on it after that because her focus was on making Summer feel better. Sharon looked at how devoted Nick and Phyllis were to Summer and it obviously affected her. It turned out that Summer only hurt her wrist so they prepared to leave. They noticed that Sharon was still there and she told the Ashley had just been brought in. After they made sure Ashley was ok they left to get Summer ice cream.

Billy seemed uncomfortable with having Sharon there but Jack was appreciative of her support and thanked her when she left to go get them sodas. After she was gone Jack told Billy that he wanted them to be co-CEOs of Jabot together because Billy was one of the only people he trusted. This shot a look of pure guilt all over Billy's face and he left to go check on Ashley.

Over at Crimson Lights Phyllis once again tried to get Nick to tell her what Sharon wanted but dropped it saying all that mattered was that Summer was fine.

Back at the hospital Sharon asked Jack if he was sure he wanted to raise the baby with her no matter who the father was and he said that's exactly what he wanted. They hugged just as Mary Jane came in to see it and was none to happy when she did.

Again I have to say I think Sharon is acting really weird, very off, and I can't put my finger on what it is. It's almost like a bit of paranoia and self centerdness mixed with ditziness. I don't know but I'm still on Phyllis' side in the whole thing so I'm hoping the baby ends up being Jack's.

Coming up tomorrow....

Cane is holding Lily and they are in wedding attire. Lily says not every couple is going to end up disillusioned but Nikki responds that unfortunately most of them do end up that way.

Adam tells Victor he wants him cured so he can send him back to prison and wash his hands of him.

Jill calls Kevin and Amber Genoa City's own Bonnie and Clyde and Katherine says Enough!

Question for the day....

Who would you love to see in a knock down, drag out, cat fight to the death? (assume no one is pregnant during the cafight). And just for kicks who do you think would win?

A.) Sharon vs. Phyllis

B.) Jill vs. Katherine

C.) Gloria vs. Ashley

D.) Lily and Mac vs. Amber and Chloe

E.) Colleen vs. Victoria

F.) some other grouping