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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, welcome to another week of fun and frivolity in Salem. Apologies for my absence last week; had real life stuff to do, but I read the spoilers and you didn’t miss much. This week Salem invites you to an engagement party. Short notice, but I hope you’ll say yes.  Who for?  Philip and Stephanie!  It’s a bit fast, I know, but mafia-style wars that put you in mortal danger time and time again, make you realize life is short. What else is in store?  Sami freaks when she sees Dr. Baker, Victor and EJ “negotiate” the terms of Stefano’s ransom and Kate has everyone guessing at her change of heart towards Chloe. All this and more, this week, on the Preview from Denial Island (May 11 – 15).


Philip/Stephanie: Stephanie has decided Philip is the one that she wants (do, do, do, dooo, honey) and to celebrate, Victor throws the couple an engagement party. Not everyone is happy for them though and Grandma Caroline, making a rare appearance out of the Brady Pub, speaks from experience when she pulls her granddaughter aside to warn her of the perils of being a Kiriakis. Stephanie is not interested in changing her mind; but she and Philip do talk about what Caroline said and Philip assures her they are well protected. Famous. Last. Words. Gardener-come-DiMera-goon Owen has other plans. He drugs Stephanie’s glass, but it’s Philip who drinks the contents. He starts acting all weird from the drugs and his attitude change prompts Stephanie to rethink the marriage. She storms off and that’s when Owen drugs and kidnaps her; he places her unconscious form in a drawer at the morgue. I hope Stephanie’s not claustrophobic!

EJ/Victor: Victor wants DiMera Enterprises in exchange for releasing Stefano. So not asking for too much really! EJ, of course refuses and the ransom negotiations hit a stalemate. That is until EJ deciphers a cryptic clue from Stefano and enlists the help of Owen in kidnapping Stephanie. While this is going on, Victor delights in telling Stefano that time is running out; I, for one, quite enjoy watching Victor and Stefano go head to head in scenes together, so not in any hurry for them to run out!

Nicole/Dr. Baker/Sami/Rafe: More baby switching dramas... oh when will it end? This week, Nicole and Dr. Baker go head to head for round 3,497 about what to do about the situation. Dr. Baker decides to leave town, but not before Sami sees him and starts to freak out – of course, Dr. Baker is another link from Grace to EJ and that is baaaad. Little does Sami know what Dr. Baker really knows about Grace! Knight in shining armor Rafe goes to ‘chat’ with Dr. Baker and finds him about to be beaten up by some thugs collecting on Dr. Baker’s gambling debts. Rafe breaks up the fight, thinking now Dr. Baker will owe him; surprisingly, Dr. Baker is not so grateful and tells him about his plans to leave town anyway. Of course, when Rafe tells Sami of Dr. Baker’s impending departure, she is over the moon. Nicole is pleased too; now she can fully concentrate on embracing her inner DiMera. By the way, this is Dr. Baker's last week for a bit, but he'll be back onscreen soon.

Kate/Lucas/Chloe/Daniel: I'm over this story. Kate’s not going to tell Lucas about the affair, Chloe and Daniel don’t know why, Lucas can’t figure out why Kate suddenly ‘likes’ Chloe and at the same time, is becoming wary of Daniel. This storyline might actually go somewhere in coming weeks when Lucas starts to regain memories of that night he fell off the wagon.

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Mia/Will/Brady/Melanie: The left over people, whose storylines are about to get more and more intertwined. Rehab is the theme it seems. Mia’s doing the 12 steps and Will wants to help. Confessions are going on as Melanie’s finds out about Brady’s past addiction, while Mia tells Brady about her’s.

In Shorter Storylines:

  • Bo has another vision; this time about Ciara
  • Melanie gets sad when she hears of Philip and Stephanie’s engagement
  • Sami and Nicole have another run in, which Arianna breaks up.

Coming Up Next Week (May 18 - 22):

  • Sami and Rafe make love
  • Melanie gets annoyed that she hasn’t heard from Stephanie
  • EJ and Victor prepare to exchange Stephanie for Stefano

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum. Don't forget to check out our DaysDaily Recaps by new blogger Susan!

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer:Denial Island is on twitter!  Yes, when the episodes get tough, I get twittering.