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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.11.09

I’ve been pretty hard on GH lately… I’m sorry but I can’t help it and as far as I’m concerned, they deserve it. When my roommate says “this show sucks” they have some serious problems. Just a year ago she said GH was the best show on TV…


What’s coming up… Michael wakes up and everything seems to center around the Corinthos clan. Michael must deal with losing a year of his life. Kristina becomes the wild child and Morgan SHOULD have an increased role now that they’ve increased his age. I’m hearing that Molly Lansing is also being SORAS’d and she COULD appear before Ric leaves town “with a bang.”

Michael… RUMORS of some Q Family interaction. Will Carly’s eldest stress is mother out? Coming to terms with losing a year of his life will be tough on Michael. This COULD be a very good story if written properly. If they tie in enough history with Jason’s accident, if Drew Garrett has the acting chops and if these writers don’t mess it up, I COULD be singing GH’s praises. While I don’t believe one couple or character for that matter can pick GH back up, I do believe one really well penned story with good ties to the show’s history and a little Quartermaine Family action COULD put this show back on track. When Michael can’t remember the shooting will Jason suggest keeping the boy in the dark?

Sonny questions her; Jason knows the truth… are Claudia’s days numbered? Can that baby protect her for long? RUMORS have Claudia losing the baby and then all bets are off, right? Well it looks like IF that happens Claudia will start unleashing all the details on who was involved in Michael’s shooting and to what extent. From everyone who took part in the planning to everyone who covered it up.

More on Alexis’s girls… Molly is RUMORED to be aged and on set before Ric’s departure. Will we get some Kristina – Ric interaction before her step-daddy bites it? RUMORS say yes!

Are we fans of Johnny and Olivia doing the deed? I can’t decide if I’m on board with this. Some RUMORS suggest that it MAY go beyond a onetime deal and if Claudia didn’t hate Olivia already, she sure will after she finds out about Johnny bedding the older lady. Is it jealousy that sends Olivia into Johnny’s waiting arms? Sonny and Claudia both hate this hook-up. Is this how Dante comes to town? Will Sonny call his son to come put his mother in check?

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Holly hitting town… Watch your wallets people; the original con woman of Port Charles is back. Is she pulling a fast one on Luke and Ethan? Hmmmm…. WOULD Holly have been the better “older lady” for Johnny to sleep with?

Why would Tracy mess with the DNA results? Especially with Lulu and Ethan getting too close for sibling comfort. Luke’s convinced his wife tampered with the results and when Holly comes to town claiming that Luke is Ethan’s father he’s even more convinced. In the end, will Ethan be a Spencer? RUMORS say he was SUPPOSED to be but then they went and broke up JoLu and someone, somewhere apparently likes the Ethan – Lulu pairing.

Is Kate the culprit? It looks like Kate is Crimson’s worst enemy. Is there more to the fashionista trying to wreck her own creation? Spinelli uncovers Kate’s secrets. Will they be so bad that Kate must skip town? Does anyone care? These writers have not been kind to Kate Howard and at this point, I just want them to put the poor girl out of her misery.

Is the Mayor of Port Charles a client of Sam and Spinelli’s? RUMOR has it that the Mayor’s wife fits into the game plan when the Mayor hires Sam to snoop on what he suspects to be his cheating wife. Is this a quick re-write? EARLY RUMORS had Martha Byrne being part of the summer murder mystery but that was before Rick Hearst’s departure was official. Now that Ric Lansing APPEARS to be the victim, was there a switch in plans?

Sex hospital? RUMORS of some love in the afternoon coming up for Scrubs, NotEmily and Nikolas, Spixie, LL2 and the above mentioned Jolivia (Johnny and Olivia) romp.


RANDOM RUMORS… Sibling drama? Lucky and Lulu are said to be fighting. Olivia and Sonny argue. Does Kristina tell Ric he was the better dad? Maxie levels another blow at Spinelli prompting him to tell her to stay away. Will Jax’s lies catch up to him? Sonny and Carly bond. Claudia hates her husband’s concern over his ex’s pregnancy and not hers. Michael wakes up next week. Ethan tells Lulu they might be kissing siblings.

FANFIC or SPOILER you be the judge… Remember those OLD RUMORS that Helena is holding NotEmily’s child hostage? One theory out there is that Rebecca comes clean with Alexis about Helena holding her daughter in exchange for the Emily look-a-like to work one over on Nikolas.

CRAZIEST RUMORS out there… Get your salt licks ready, here’s some of the CRAZIEST RUMORS I’ve seen. Elizabeth finds Ric’s dead body. Dante knows Claudia. Jax and Carly break-up in the middle of her pregnancy. Did Jason Cook (Matt Hunter) have one foot out the door? The CHATTER out there says he was ready to walk on his 1 year anniversary but a potential hospital storyline has him staying. Did GH really thing Rick Hearst would sit there twittling his thumbs when they put him on recurring? The GOSSIP says they were hoping to kill him off late summer.