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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: This Round Goes to the Kiriakis

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted a recap in a week but my laptop decided to give me some technical difficulties so I had to knock some sense into it and get it fixed. Anyway, all is well now, so I’m back in business. Here’s what happened on today’s show...



At the warehouse, EJ discovers Stefano unconscious under a white sheet. Victor walks in behind him and tells EJ that Stefano is alive. EJ goes after Victor but his goons stop EJ and rough him up and I continue to cringe as the writers continue to make my EJ look weak and pathetic. Sigh.

Later, a nurse comes in to give Stefano an insulin injection. Victor informs EJ that he is only giving Stefano enough insulin to stay alive and that right now Stefano is a diabetic coma. He tells EJ that unless he hands over all of DiMera Enterprises and all of the DiMera assets to Victor within the next 72 hours than Stefano will die. Victor also warns that if EJ tries to double cross him or trick him in any way - Stefano will die.

Afterwards, Victor’s goons knock EJ out and dump him on the pier. When EJ regains consciousness, he promises Stefano that this isn’t over yet.

Nicole/Dr. Baker:

At the hospital, Nicole is in Dr. Baker’s room when he regains consciousness. He accuses her of pushing him down the stairs and trying to kill him. Of course, Nicole denies it and does her best to try to convince him that it was an accident. He doesn’t believe her and threatens to tell EJ the truth to keep himself safe. Nicole doesn’t seem to appreciate the threat and does a little threatening of her own by promising to kill him if he ever tells EJ the truth. Dr. Baker isn’t swayed by this so Nicole explains to him what the DiMeras did to Philip and that if they ever find out his part in the baby switch he’ll be in the same kind of trouble. Dr. Baker finally agrees not to say anything if she promises to stay away from him and she agrees.

Afterwards, Nicole returns home and looks at the blood on the floor from Dr. Baker’s fall. She mutters to herself, "You should have died, Baker. You are one big liability." So naturally, we then find Dr. Baker in his hospital room, writing a note saying, “"If you are reading this, it means I am dead. It means Nicole Walker DiMera was responsible for the following reasons..."


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Chloe meets up with Daniel at the hospital to talk about Kate and Lucas. Daniel tells her not to let Kate bully her or push her around. Dr. Sleep with All His Patients gets all judgmental and goes on to complain about how unfair it is that they can’t be together because Lucas is so weak because Kate could never cut the apron strings and let him grow up. Chloe tries to defend Lucas but still finds herself attracted to Daniel.

Meanwhile, Lucas runs into Kate at the Kiriakis mansion as she’s getting ready to head to London to be with Billie. She tells Lucas that Billie has an infection so she’s going to go and be with her and Chelsea for a while. Lucas wants to know if she was even going to tell him before she left. Kate insists she was but Lucas doesn’t believe her and wants to know why she’s been avoiding him. Kate tells him she isn’t avoiding him but Lucas insists she is and wants to know what really happened between her and Chloe. Kate says it’s nothing more than she doesn’t like Chloe. Lucas tells Kate if she can’t love and respect Chloe than maybe he won’t be able to do the same for her.

Later, Lucas and Chloe meet up with each other at the hospital. He confronts her again about what happened between her and Kate but Chloe doesn’t say anything. Then, Lucas sees Daniel and starts to head over to him to tell him about Kate’s trip but Chloe convinces him to just go home with her.


Bo and Hope arrive at the pub to pick up Ciara and bump into Max. They talk to Max about Chelsea. Bo and Max worry about her because they haven’t heard from her since she arrived at Heathrow and are convinced it is because something bad has happened. Hope tries to convince them that they’re being silly and that Chelsea is probably fine.

Later, Ciara joins them. Hope notices Ciara’s teddy bear looks a little rough for wear before they start heading out. The teddy bear causes Bo to have another “wonderful” psychic vision. This time he sees himself finding the teddy bear in the woods and calling out Ciara’s name. Perhaps this vision will lead to us discovering that the bear was looking for some honey - who knows -lol!

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

Victor tells Phillip, "It means that very soon Stefano and all the DiMeras will be neutralized, powerless."

Stephanie tells Caroline, "Phillip isn't like Victor. I swear he isn't."

Nicole tells EJ, "Well, they just made a huge mistake and you will find a way to stop him. I know you will."

Rafe tells Sami, "Leave? I'm not going anywhere, Sami."