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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.12.09

Luke is suspicious that his wife tampered with the DNA results and when she freaks over Lulu and Ethan spending time together, it further fuels Luke’s fire. Is Tony Geary headed out on another vacation? It’s about that time isn’t it? The GOSSIP says he pre-taped some scenes. What has Luke and Ethan riding to the rescue? A phone call to Holly that is cut short. In true Tracy form she follows the pair. Are they playing into Holly’s hands?


Spencer Family Drama… Lucky and Lulu, Luke and Tracy, Holly and Lucky… they all share words over Ethan Lovett.

Is Jax the trouble for Carly and Michael? Remember, Michael wants to live with Dad and there SHOULD be some turmoil between Jax and Michael over the newly awakened teen stressing his mother out. Will Carly blame Jax for Michael moving out? Michael is not going to be a happy little boy.

Anyone remember those OLD RUMORS about only one Zaccharra being left at summer’s end? At that time we all thought it would be because of Trevor’s reveal that Johnny is really a Lansing. So here are some THOUGHTS on this one. There are RUMORS that Johnny COULD be exiting the show or maybe after Ric’s death there will be some sort of reveal about Johnny’s true paternity.

Kate’s secrets… Is she behind the Crimson sabotage? Yes. Why? Is there more going on with Kate? Is this a really stupid exit storyline? Yes. Spinelli puts his PI skills to work and bugs Kate’s office.

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I get that it’s a soap and they need the added drama… But really do we need all the doom and gloom with Michael? We all know he’s waking up. Even if you’re SPOILER free ABCDaytime announced the casting of NuMichael so it’s rather obvious he’s waking up.

RANDOM RUMORS… Date night? NotEmily and Nikolas go on a date. Jason tells Claudia he knows the truth. Let’s make a deal with Alexis and Rebecca. Who sees Johnny at Olivia’s? When did Olivia get her own place? Alexis gets an eyeful. Sonny wants Olivia to stay away from Johnny. When push comes to shove will Claudia turn on the one person she can turn to? Who’s taking a fall down a set of stairs? I’m still seeing RUMORS that Matt and Maxie mix it up. Is Morgan the new version of the old Michael? RUMORS have him wanting his parents to get back together. Jax is angry that Carly is taking so many chances with their baby. Robin returns, will Patrick’s house guest still be there?

CRAZY RUMORS… Is Jason following Claudia to the doctors? Is this when he hears her ask about what coma patients remember? More plan making for Johnny and Claudia? RUMORS say Claudia takes Johnny down with her or is he taking all the heat? Kristina crushing on Jason? Maybe he shouldn’t be the one to save the day all the time.

Steve Burton contract status… So far the RUMOR MILL says he’s re-signing with the show with some added time off. The official announcement is SUPPOSED to be in June. Remember when we told you Kirsten Storms shot a pilot? No worries Maxie fans, RUMORS are pointing to her re-upping with the show as well. When we hear something more “official,” we’ll let you know.

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