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Gossip Girl "Valley Girls" Reaction

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Last night's Gossip Girl featured the flashback "Valley Girls" episode which may or may not lead to a prequel spinoff, based on the character of Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen (Brittany Snowand Kelly Rutherford). I enjoyed the episode, because of the back story it provided, but was it enough to get you to watch as a series? Snow has obvious appeal and did a bang up job in the role of Young Lily. Krysten Ritter is a talented actress and provided a good balance as Lily's older sister Carol.


Owen Campos, portrayed by Shiloh Fernandex, seemed like a poor man's Chuck Bass, but had obvious chemistry with Snow and left me wanting to see more. The part of the story that intrigued me most was how Keith van der Woodsen (Matt Barr)— Serena's future father— and Lily end up marrying, considering their obvious distaste for one another in the episode. Did anyone else get a Draco Malfoy feeling from Keith like I did?

All-in-all I enjoyed the episode, but do you think it gave us enough for its own spinoff?

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