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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Jill the Bragging Winner and Sore Loser

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Once again I apologize about not posting Friday's recap but I had an emergency issue I had to tend to. But I'm back to bring you recaps for another week of plots, schemes, catfights, and seductive delights on The Young and the Restless. Enjoy!!


The Photo Shoot and Bar Room Banter:

Lily got very upset about how Restless Style wanted to portray marriage. She felt like if they made this statement it would be a slap in the face to every happily married couple out there. Chloe got irritated and told Lily her "diva moment" was costing them time and money. Cane asked Chloe if this was her way of sticking it to Lily once again. Chloe just rolled her eyes and said with all that was going on Lily was the least of her worries.

Cue Billy going to Jimmy's to once again talk to Mac.

Nikki told Lily she understood how she felt about what being in love was like but that modeling was about make believe and if she couldn't handle the challenge of it her career could end before it could get started. Cane continued to harp on the matter so Chloe told him to pick Lily up and leave so they could call in real models who don't complain. Lily told Cane she was ready to make misery look fabulous.

Mac wanted to make sure the only reason Billy was there was as a customer and not to hit on her again. He joked that with the ambiance of the place that was the last thing he was interested in doing. He cracked a joke about the highland games on tv (where men in kilts were throwing capers) which made Mac crack a smile. (I think that was the first scene between Billy and this new Mac that I actually enjoyed).

Lily and Cane took some very interesting pictures which impressed Nikki. She left Chloe to finish up the shoot and she and Lily had a bit of a verbal tiff where both got a couple of good shots in. (I'm telling you a full blown physical cat fight between these two would be very entertaining).

Billy told Mac to stop eyeing his fries and soaked them in ketchup, which she hates, for insurance. They talked about a family that Billy helped to rebuild their home in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. In the midst of the conversation the nanny called Billy to tell him she had to leave so he needed to come home. Billy told Mac what was burger night just turned into Delia and Daddy date night. (He's so cute about Delia it makes me love this character even more if that's possible). Mac told him he was totally in love with his baby just like Chloe told her he was. Billy asked her if that didn't seem a tad bit like Chloe marking her territory. Mac said she couldn't blame her after Chloe saw them kissing. He said he had to go be wonder dad and take care of Mrs. wonder dad.

Billy showed up with Delia to the photo shoot at Lily and Cane's. Chloe asked him what he was doing there and he quipped about being the devoted daddy. Chloe figured out that he'd talked to Mac and asked if he was there to punish her. He asked how the shoot was going and she told him about it being on the dark side of marriage. He started to laugh which pissed Chloe off so she suggested they do a shot with the baby puking all over the happy couple. No one was happy with that idea and she told them all to chill out. As if things couldn't get any more awkward Mac showed up to deliver receipts to Cane.

Cane and Mac talked about business at the bar and the success of the photo shoot while Lily went over to take some more pot shots at Chloe and her marriage to Billy. Lily said it seemed like there was just play acting between them and no reality. Chloe glanced over at Mac and said she was up to her eyeballs in reality.

Art Shows and Amnesty Antics:

A buyer came in and said he was interested in all of Daniel's drawings. Jana offered him a price and said he'd be getting a bargain as the price would go up after Daniel's New York show coming up. Daniel hesitated at first but started playing along and it paid off as the buyer said they were worth every penny.

Jill continued to sabotage Katherine's efforts to have the Governer grant amnesty to Amber and Kevin by insinuating Amber and Kevin should be patted down to ensure the Governer's safety and also said if he did grant them amnesty it could hurt his chances in the upcoming election.

Katherine told the Governer that Jill had biases against Amber and Kevin which Jill denied but went on to tell him about Amber's marriage to Cane for personal gain, Kevin's past arrests, and how they held onto stolen money. Murphy reminded the governer that Amber and Kevin were the only ones to fight for Katherine when she was in danger but Jill added that was right before they went on their documented crime spree. Jill also brought up Katherine's past memory issues and said this was probably just a temporary lapse in judgement. Katherine pulled Jill out of the room to talk with Kevin and Amber following and Murphy left behind to try and smooth things over with the Governer and in the process realizing they both served in the military which formed a bond.

Katherine asked Jill if she was really going to hurt Amber and Kevin just to get back at her. Jill reminded Katherine that they weren't little angels. Katherine reminded Jill that she was the one who chose to no longer be part of Katherine's family. Murphy and the Governer came into the room where Jill once again started on her tyrade against Amber and Kevin. He escorted her out of the room so they could talk privately leaving Katherine completely flabergasted.

Katherine wondered how she'd lost control of the situation and then wondered what Jill was doing to sway the Governer over to her side. They returned and Katherine apologized to the Governer for the way the evening was going. She said that Jill didn't know Amber and Kevin the way she did but for some reason was intent on punishing them. The Governer seemed completely smitten with Jill and didn't seem to take what Katherine was saying into account at all.

Outside Amber and Kevin commisserated over how Jill ambushed their dinner and demolished their chances for amnesty. Kevin decided he was going to tell the DA that is was all him and he forced Amber to be part of it. Amber refused to let Kevin take the fall saying they got through the boxcar nightmare together and they would get through this the same way.

Daniel asked the buyer why he chose his drawings and the buyer said it was because his art matters which anyone could see. Daniel and Jana were elated over the success of the showing. Daniel told Jana she had amazing instincts and she said he had amazing talent.

Amber and Kevin went to Daniel's show which was already over and apologized for missing it. Daniel and Jana informed them that they sold everything and Daniel bust out the check. He told Kevin he could have never done it without the help of Jana. They asked how things went with the Governer and Kevin informed them that thanks to Jill being a bitch the Governer would not be helping them at all.

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Katherine asked Jill what she did to the Governer to make him listen to her. Jill responded that Katherine was too old and too slow to do battle now so she'd better get used to losing. Murphy impressed the Governer with a vintage gun and gave it to him no strings attached. The Governer came in to say goodnight and told Katherine he would be giving Amber and Kevin amnesty because loyalty and devotion and fighting on the right side mattered. Jill started to pout and asked Murphy what he did to change the Governer's mind. Murphy said they had things in common which Jill asked what that was and Katherine said, "it means Jill, get used to losing." (Let the games begin!)

Katherine called Amber and told her that they were granted amnesty so she, Daniel, Kevin, and Jana jumped around in excitement and went to celebrate. When Daniel grabbed the champagne, just outside the door the buyer looked in lurking suspiciously.

Katherine asked Murphy how he changed the Governer's mind and Murphy said they just talked about the war. Katherine knew there was more to it but didn't press the matter. They went upstairs to relax just as Jill got a call that all her funds were in danger. (I'm assuming it's at the same bank that Nick pulled Newman funds out of and Jeffrey got a call about).

Adam's Scheme and Ashley's Accusations:

Estella maintained her innocence but Victor insisted that she leave the ranch and work at Newman Enterprises from that point on. Estella said she did nothing to deserve this and walked off upset. Victor told Ashley he wasn't happy about doing that but did it so they could have peace.

Up in Adam's room he injected a substance into his eyes as the doctor waited outside his door to be let in. He hid the mysterious medicine under his bed and went over to the couch where he pretended he'd been asleep. Victor came in with the doctor and told Adam about Estella leaving. Adam told Victor Estella was too decent to do anything like they were accusing her of and told the doctor he was ready for his exam.

Estella told Ashley she packed what she could and would be back tomorrow for the rest of her things. She said she wanted to talk to Victor before she left but Ashley said he was with Adam and the doctor. Estella told her that she was not the one doing these things to Ashley and they wouldn't stop once she was gone.

The doctor dialated Adam's eyes and started the exam so Victor left. Adam said once the doctor shined the light in his eyes he'd know all his secrets.

Victor asked Ashley how she was doing and she said she'd be happy once this night was over. Estella came in to say goodbye and Victor told her how much he regretted having to do this but how he thought she'd thrive at Newman Enterprises. Rafe showed up to help her move and she started to cry. He told her to wait in the car for him while he checked on Adam. The doctor told Victor and Ashley the details of Adam's condition and said it was inevitable that Adam would go blind and no surgery would help. Upstairs Adam pulled out the box with the medicine and said in 6 months he wouldn't need it anymore. Rafe came in which startled Adam and he dropped it. He couldn't find it so Rafe picked it up for him. Rafe told Adam that his chances for getting a medical discharge were slim to none since he wasn't terminal. Adam snapped that he knew that and ripped the box out of Rafe's hands.

Victor asked if what Estella said about Ashley's problems continuing once she was gone was a threat. Ashley said maybe she meant she was doing it and wasn't going to stop, or someone else was doing it and wasn't going to stop, or maybe that Ashley was doing it herself which made Ashley wonder if she was losing her mind again.

A Wedding Proposal:

Paul and Heather met up at Crimson Lights to catch up. Heather could tell Paul was more than usual giddy happy and assumed it was because of Nikki. He confirmed it was as she'd brought magic back into his life and he wanted it to stay that way. 

Nikki met Paul at Crimson Lights and told him about the shoot. She said after talking about love and the future she had to get out of there and hang out with him. She told him what he meant to her and he said he was happy she agreed to move in with him and hoped she'd be that agreeable with all his ideas.

Still at Crimson Lights Paul started wondering if it was too late to find a table someplace dark and romantic. Nikki said their place would work just fine and they didn't need anything elaborate. Nikki said she'd take what they have any day. He asked her if that meant every day for the rest of their lives and asked her to marry him.

Coming up tomorrow....

Sharon tells Nick she's moving back into the Abbott mansion

Mary Jane asks Phyllis if this is about the Jack and Sharon thing. Phyllis tells her she doesn't seem upset and Mary Jane responds that she'll be back

Victor tells Nikki that they are moving on and its a new beginning for both of them and Nikki says she couldn't agree more

Question for today...

Who do you think is responsible for Sabrina's things popping up in Ashley's midst?

A.) Ashley herself - she did go crazy once before

B.) Adam - he's got the motive and opportunity and is obviously up to something

C.) Estella - the innocent thing is an act and she really doesn't like Ashley being with Victor

D.) Victoria - she has a thing with sabotaging any woman other than her mom with her dad

E.) Other