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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Lies and Engagements

Hey everyone! On today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Victor continues his trail of awesome one liners, EJ starts to showing signs of brain activity and Nicole and Sami start to panic that their baby lies might be exposed. Now, on with the show....



At the DiMera mansion, Nicole babbles to herself and Sydney about getting Dr. Baker out of the way permanently. Meanwhile, EJ’s in the living room, when he gets a taunting call from Victor reminding him about the deadline for the transfer of the DiMera holdings. When he hangs up, Nicole walks in with Sydney. She sees that EJ is upset and asks what’s wrong. EJ goes on to tell her that Victor has Stefano and wants everything the DiMeras have in exchange for Stefano’s safe return. Nicole gives EJ a pep talk and tells him that she believes he can figure a way out of this.

After Nicole leaves EJ alone, he remembers playing Chess with Stefano and how Stefano used the game to give him advice on how to deal with an opponent. He realizes that Stefano would have been one step ahead of Victor and finds some papers leading to him to Stefano’s contact at the Kiriakis mansion. He calls Owen and says he’s calling on behalf of Stefano DiMera.

Dr. Baker:

At the Hospital, Dr. Baker meets with an old friend and gives him the letter he wrote implicating Nicole and asks him to open it if something happens to him. The friend asks what kind of mess he’s gotten himself into with his gambling this time. Dr. Baker tells him that his gambling problems were a piece of cake compared to this trouble.

Sami and Rafe:

Rafe arrives at Sami’s place with some grocery bags. She tells him to keep it down because Grace is finally sleeping. Then, he reminds her about Grace’s doctor appointment that day. The two of them get mushy and kiss.

Later at the hospital, Lexie gives Grace the all the clear. She tells them that Grace’s fever is down and it seems the infection is gone. Yep, gone until we need a baby switch reveal -lol!

Sami/Rafe/Nicole/Dr. Baker/Lexie:

As Nicole arrives at the hospital, she sees Sami and Rafe there with Grace and turns to see Dr. Baker coming out of his hospital room. She starts to panic about what will happen if Sami sees Dr. Baker.

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Meanwhile, Sami starts to freak out and panic when she sees Dr. Baker because she’s afraid he might tell someone that Grace is really hers. Rafe tries to reassure her that he’ll take care of it.

Before Dr. Baker can do anything, Lexie intercepts him. She tells him he can go home as soon as they do one more round of tests. Dr. Baker agrees and walks off with her as Sami and Nicole look on in a panic from separate ends of the hallway.


Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip and Stephanie are celebrating their engagement. However, Stephanie’s a little down because she hasn’t been able to share it with any of her loved ones yet, so Philip convinces her to call Caroline. Caroline comes over and is less then thrilled because she’s worried about Stephanie’s safety. The two of them talk about falling love with a Kiriakis man. Caroline warns her that she can’t change who Philip is and Stephanie tells her that Philip is nothing like Victor.

Meanwhile, Victor and Philip discuss how things are going on the DiMera front and Victor assures Philip that he and Stephanie will be safe from them soon. Stephanie walks in just as Philip talks about getting the DiMera’s out of the way permanently and doesn’t look to happy about it. Philip brushes it off saying that his father is trying to make peace with the DiMeras. Then as Caroline joins them, Victor distracts everyone with champagne. They are all interrupted by Owen the gardener’s weed whacking. Victor yells at him at first, but then cools down and invites him to join the celebration of Stephanie and Philip’s engagement.

On the next episode of Days of Our Lives:

EJ tells Owen, "My father's life is in danger. Unless you do exactly what I'm telling you to do, he's going to die."

Phillip is on the phone, "I want an update." A nurse tells him, "He's alive, barely."

Baker asks Nicole, "What do you want me to do?" Nicole replies, "Get the hell out of Salem and never come back."

Rafe tells Sami, "Dr. Baker will not be a problem."

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