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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Is it really wise to stop halfway through brain surgery to take a phone call? Really? Plus, wouldn't it make more sense to put Carly on speaker phone so that Patrick could continue his delicate work while talking? Oy!


Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Claudia? Because I really, really do. She insinuated herself in the middle of the waiting room, then she insistenced that Sonny should be making all choices regarding Michael and made a point of dismissing Carly's input as Michael's mother. Of course, I wasn't sure if she was just stroking Sonny's ego to make sure he doesn't kill her when the time comes, or if she really does believe that Sonny should have more say than Michael's mother. As someone who grew up with the father that she had, you'd think she'd think differently. As someone who is currently pregnant, you'd think she'd think differently, but no.

Ric, so lovely to see you. I promise not to cry when you leave Port Charles, if you promise not to leave in a real body bag. DO YOU HEAR ME SHOW? Have him fake his death to mess with people and to give the character a chance to return. I swear, if they change history and somehow make Ric responsible for Michael's shooting and completely exonerate Claudia, I will be seriously ticked.

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Still hating the Luke/Ethan crapfest and I actually feel bad for Lulu, who's going to get the shock of her life when she finds out the truth.

As someone who was never a JaSam fan, I did like their talk on the roof because Sam seemed to be the only one that Jason could talk to. I keep waiting for Jason's head to explode when Claudia starts talking though!

I'm not sure how I feel about nuMorgan. I loved oldMorgan so much because he was such a cute kid and always twittering around in scenes. I guess this one will eventually grow on me.

Spinelli and Maxie's story just continues to show how inept he really is and was it my imagination or are we supposed to assume that Kate is somehow being blackmailed into messing up her own company?