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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.13.09

A little scoop plus a little commentary you may have missed in the comments from yesterday… read on.


Who’s behind the blackmail? Who has Kate selling her own rag down the river? Guesses? Comment away!

Maxie’s men… With Johnny taking Olivia to bed is he still a contender? RUMORS have suggested a Matt – Maxie – Spinelli triangle coming this summer. Spinelli uncovers Johnny’s tryst with the older lady and he spills to Maxie thinking it will turn her off from Johnny. Too bad for Spinelli, all it does is send Maxie straight to Johnny telling him if he wanted to get laid, all he had to do was call her. Would Maxie risk her friendship with Spinelli and frienemy status with Lulu for a roll in the sack with Johnny? This is Maxie we’re talking about and she’s been dancing around Johnny for months. They two come close to doing the deed yet again but someone gets in their way. Who’s Maxie kissing? It’s not Spin or Johnny!

Robin returns and all is well… Scrubs get back on track and Robin holds her daughter. Upon her return to town, she cautions Ethan and mixes it up with Holly. Robin – Michael scenes? We’re hearing yes! Is Patrick worry free now that his wife is home from her treatment? No.

Why have I been liking Lulu lately? Is it because I like her more than her current scene partner Ethan? More drama ahead for these two as Ethan may or may not be Lulu’s half brother. RUMORS also have them slightly involved in the hospital storyline coming up. I’m still not sure I understand the motivation behind Lulu being the first person Michael sees upon awakening. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.


Speaking of the hospital storyline RUMORED to be coming. SUPPOSEDLY it involves the new PI agency of McCall and Jackal. Who else is involved? The Dr’s Drake, Hunter and Scorpio along with Lucky, Elizabeth, Nikolas and NotEmily. Question? If a detective is involved why isn’t the PCPD leading the investigation? IF this is happening, wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to show that the PCPD are not complete idiots?

So is Ethan a Spencer or a Scorpio? Holly comes to town and offers the truth for a price. She’s always looking for a payday isn’t she? This info has the price tag of a cool $10 million. Is Luke’s kid really worth that much? Is Robert the daddy? There are some scenes with Robin concerning this. Like I said a few times, Robin offers Ethan some sage advice, don’t trust Holly Sutton. With Tony Geary headed for a vacation is Luke’s exit story a search for Robert? Geary did pre-tape a bit but we COULD get the Scorpio tease with Luke on the search for his old buddy. After all the cat and mouse with Luke, Holly is SPOILED to tell Ethan and Luke that Robert is Ethan’s dad. Will Ethan be ready to bond with his sister? Will Robin believe what Holly is spilling or did Tracy pay the con woman off? OLD RUMORS had Robert being the dad but not coming to town and Luke trying to fill that father role for Ethan.

Can Sonny and Carly just be friends? With all that’s coming up with Michael, the former spouses will be spending a lot of time together. Many are SPECULATING a POSSIBLE reunion for the uber popular pairing. But can they just be friends and co-parents without cheating on their respective spouses?

Michael isn’t the only Corinthos child with a summer full of story ahead of them. Kristina is a rebellious sixteen year old with a crush on the town hitman. Will Alexis and Sonny’s daughter give us those great Sonny – Alexis scenes? I love the two as friends.

More on Michael… He’s gonna be one pissed off kid from the moment he wakes up. Sonny wants to tell him the truth; Carly and Jason are against it. Once Patrick gives the all clear, Sonny tells Michael the truth about the shooting that left him in a coma for a year. Despite knowing it was a bullet intended for Sonny that cost him a year of his life; Michael is still ticked at Carly and cool with Sonny. Edward wants Michael to embrace his inner Quartermaine and move in with them, Carly wants him at home with her, Jax and Morgan but Michael has other plans. He wants to move into Greystone with his dad.

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The Jason correlation… Jason’s lived a very similar experience to Michael’s. Can he help his one-time son cope with all that’s happened? They talk but it seems that its Claudia Michael bonds with despite Jason and Sam working to prove that Claudia was behind the botched hit. Michael even tells Claudia he can’t wait to be a big brother while he accused Carly of trying to replace him with her new baby. Is Michael a Jason re-do? It looks like it as he shuns Carly, bonds with Claudia and MAY be getting into it with Morgan and Sonny’s other son Dante.


What you MAY have missed yesterday…

FANFIC or SPOILER... Michael wakes up and the problems start. He's not happy that neither of his parents were there and then he finds out he's been out of commission for a year while his parents continued on with their lives even adding to their families. Is this where the rebel comes in?

Michael is going to be a handful that much we know, but how much and who will be helping him? RUMORS have Edward bank rolling Michael letting him get away from his parents. He SHOULD have some moments with Jason but that MAY be more to draw a correlation to Jason's own brain trauma storyline. Will Michael be the new Jason with pool halls and motorcycle rides? Will the fans be reminded of how great GH used to be?

Jax wants Mikey to chill out so Carly doesn't lose their baby. But who's more important, the child who is spinning out of control or the baby she so desperately wanted? Add in Morgan who is SAID to become a mini - Michael in terms of his opinion on who his mom should be with.

Is Claudia getting the shove down the steps when Michael starts figuring things out about his step-mom? What's a mobster to do when his kids have issues with him? Kristina is going to be a handful as the straight A student is RUMORED to become the next horn dog in town. Add in Dante and Sonny's world is about to become a big old pain in the ass.

So what about Olivia's boy... how is he going to add to Sonny's stress? Well RUMORS have Sonny calling Dante to town to tame his mother and her younger man loving ways. These RUMORS go on to say that when Claudia meets Dante, it doesn't take her long to figure out why Olivia was so tight lipped about her boy. Will Olivia ask Jax to help her out only to be stabbed in the back by her employer?

Better question... why so much Sonny? Wasn't Jason the new crowned star of the show? Didn't Maurice Benard request less work when he re-signed? Like I've said before, it seems to be the summer of Sonny's offspring. Does this have to do with Steve Burton's contract talks?

Where's the rest of the drama? Robin returns. Scrubs clear the air and get back on track. They MAY even meddle in Maxie and Matt's love lives. There's the Luke - Holly - Ethan nonsense coming up and while there was some pre-tapping, Geary is still going on vacation. NotEmily and Nikolas is a snooze fest with the only way to amp this storyline up is more Helena who is still RUMORED to be returning OH and making NotEmily, Emily. Jason and Sam SHOULD have some adventure stuff but that's IF Burton re-ups and while I'm not a JaSam fan my more alerting problem with this is the lack of creativity in the writer's room.

The only thing I'm looking forward to is Ric's exit and the possible murder mystery surrounding it. Don't misunderstand, I have zero faith that this will be penned properly but there is still a chance that it will and hopefully we'll get to see Hearst at his best and TPTB with a constant reminder of their mistake of letting him get away.

What about those RUMORS that had Jason Cook staying on because of a good storyline coming up for the hospital side of things? My advice to JC, be cautious of promised storylines, better yet, ask Finola Hughes how that worked out for her.

In response to so many negative comments:

I'm not hoping for cancellation... I'm hoping for a change to the GH I used to see and love. Have the fans been bitter? Yes. Do they have a right to be? Absolutely! When we only had TFO, I used to question all the naysayers as to why they continue to watch if they hate it so much, so I completely understand where some fans are coming from when they see so much negativity, however, the more I got into the "reporting" side of things here at DC, I started looking at what these execs and writers are doing to my show with a much more critical eye. Its part of the gig for me but as a fan, I still have a problem with how TPTB are handling things. I have watched this show for a very long time and that's still not as long as some. I have seen the great capers of the 80's with the WSB to the adventure Sonny and Brenda had. From Luke and Laura's love story to Frisco and Felicia's to Alan and Monica... I've seen the mob at its best and its worst. I've seen some beautifully penned, socially charged storylines like Stone's battle with AIDS to the horribly written PPD storyline we just sat through. I've weathered every storm since I started watching GH and I feel I've deserved the right to cry foul when I see this show self destructing before my very eyes.