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Is There Room for More Than One Family on General Hospital?

The summer of all things Corinthos is coming up. We have Michael coming out of his coma, Kristina as a 16-year-old problem child, Dante's arrival and even a new Morgan. Is this General Hospital's way of getting back to it's core families, by focusing all the attention on one family, the Corinthos clan? With so much history to draw on, are TPTB ignoring it's other core families? The Quartermaines are a fan favorite and in desperate need of a story. The Webbers are classic GH that COULD help ramp up the hospital side of things. Next to the Corinthos family, the Scorpio-Drake clan seem to have the most members still on the canvas with Mac, Robin, Patrick, Matt and Maxie. Surely they could get a juicy storyline. Hells was running around town and is RUMORED to be back, how about a great Cassadine storyline filled with twists and turns.

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Are you ready for a Corinthos summer or would you rather see another GH family get some airtime?