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Judge Orders Men to Watch Maury

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One inventive judge is ordering men to watch Maury as part of their probation for late child support. While I have no sympathy for the men on probation being forced to watch the show, I do feel sorry for the probation officers who have to listen to their parolees discuss the talk show. Imagine how those conversations must go.


A Michigan judge, inspired by watching the syndicated talk show Maury, has sentenced several dozen men so far this year to watch the show as part of their probation for overdue child support. The defendants must watch the show and discuss episodes with their probation officer.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade McCree says he took over the "deadbeat dads docket" in January after watching "too much of this terrible daytime TV" over the holidays.

Watching episodes of Maury, he said Monday, "was an eye-opener for me," and inspired him to use the show to help defendants realize the error of their ways.

"They see that people who laugh at that show are laughing at them," he said. "I'm trying to hold up a mirror."

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