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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Proposals, Plots and Jealousy

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All the storylines seemed to blend together in some way today on The Young and the Restless so I wasn't able to categorize them. But things are definitely heating up as proposals are made, plots are uncovered, and jealousy arise.


Today on Y&R...

Nikki was speechless to Paul's marriage proposal till he pulled out a ring and she told him that she couldn't say yes but she wasn't saying no either.

Ashley continued to wonder if she's once again losing her mind but Victor did his best to convince her that it's someone else who is doing this to her.

Adam got angry about Rafe's news on the medical discharge not being possible. He snapped that he couldn't live like this anymore and Rafe promised him that he wouldn't stop trying till he got him released. Rafe left to get Adam some aspirin and a glass of water giving him time to hide the box of medicine. Adam told Rafe how being at the ranch has been the same as being in prison. Rafe told him that no matter what Adam needed he'd be there for him.

Sharon started to wonder if moving in with Jack was the right thing to do. She asked him if Mary Jane knew and he told her she had nothing to worry about with regards to Mary Jane and left to go make sure of that.

Nick, Phyllis, and Summer were at the club having a treat when Daniel called her to tell her about the success of his show. She asked him about the buyer guy but he wasn't able to talk because Amber was trying to rip his clothes off and jump his bones. 

Jack showed up at Mary Jane's door and she was excited to see him until he let her know that anything personal between them was over because he's getting back together with Sharon. 

Paul apologized for springing the proposal on her out of the blue and told her he should have proposed to her when they were kids and how he felt about her back then. He reassured her that there's no pressure because he'd always be there. Heather walked in on them kissing and Nikki gave them a moment so she could talk to Katherine. Katherine asked her if Paul just proposed and she said he did but she hadn't given him an answer yet because she can't rush into marriage again after what happened with David. Katherine told Nikki she deserved a man who would support her, not tear her down, and asked her if she believed she deserved that.

Victor closed the conversation with Ashley about her issue and she left so he could talk to Rafe. Rafe confronted Victor about placing the blame for what's been happening to Ashley first on Estella and now on Adam. Victor responded that Estella would always have employment from him but when it came to Adam he didn't ask nor did he want Rafe's opinion on the matter. 

Mary Jane reminded Jack about all the work she did to put a positive light on his reputation but him going back to Sharon would ruin that. Jack told her they would talk about it later and hoped it wouldn't hurt their working together. She assured him it wouldn't but after he left she started to pitch a fit ripping up papers and such. 

Heather told Paul about helping out Adam when Nina and Katherine joined them. Heather and Paul left Nina and Katherine to talk about Nina's plans. Nina asked Katherine how she would feel about her life story ending up on the big screen. 

Amber and Daniel toasted to their luck and success each with two glasses of champagne. Things were about to get frisky between the two of them when the buyer guy Howard Aucker came knocking at their door. Amber let Aucker in who said he wanted to talk to Daniel privately so Amber left to get them some food. After she was gone Aucker flashed a badge showing he was an agent and said he had to talk to Daniel about something classified. 

Phyllis showed Nick the newest copy of Restless Style and he was very impressed. She thanked him but said she missed having him there to work with. Summer spotted Sharon and called her over where Sharon told them she was moving back in with Jack.

Ashley went to Adam's room to comfort him after the bad news the doctor gave him. She offered to get him something to eat or to help him any way he needed but he said he just wanted to be alone. After she was gone he locked his door and flashed back to everyone noticing him not eating and losing weight. He managed to slip off his ankle monitor thus showing why he had been losing the weight. As soon as the ankle monitor was off he snuck out the window. 

Nick and Phyllis questioned why they were doing this to which Jack and Sharon responded that they'd never stopped loving each other. Nick worried about how Noah would react to this but Sharon said it's what she wanted. Phyllis left to go get the check from the waiter and Nick asked Jack what was really going on. Jack said it's what Sharon wanted. Phyllis asked Sharon the same thing and she was as vague as Jack in her response.

Ashley tried to convince Victor that he should do some things for Adam like not chase Heather out. Victor reminded her what Adam did to him but she said he seemed genuinely remorseful. She continued to sing Adam's praises as Adam lurked around outside and pulled out a tape recorder and played the tape of a baby crying. 

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Aucker showed Daniel a picture of a stolen drawing and said specialists found Daniel's drawings the most similar to it. Aucker told him they wanted him to forge the stolen painting to help them catch the art thieves. Daniel wasn't into it at first but then agreed to it. Aucker told him to keep the check he gave him before but he couldn't tell anyone anything about this, even his girlfriend.

Amber joined Katherine and Nina at Crimson Lights and they told her about the idea of turning the book into a movie. Amber felt a bit pushed aside by this so Katherine asked Nina if she would consider letting Amber co-write the screenplay with her. Nina was hesitant but finally agreed to it.

Sharon told Phyllis to leave it alone. Phyllis wondered why she needed to talk to Nick so badly and then decided to move back in with Jack. Nick pulled Phyllis away to take Summer to the rest room and Jack told Nick not to worry about Sharon and they left just as Mary Jane came downstairs.

Victor told Ashley he would let Heather come over for her sake but didn't want to spend any time with that woman. Ashley went to call Heather and Nikki showed up at Victor's door. Nikki used the excuse of bringing them pictures from Katherine's wedding but said she also wanted to check on Ashley. Ashley went to see who was at the door and Nikki thanked Victor for letting her in and being civil. He said he guessed they were moving on and making a new start. They said goodnight and then it became obvious Nikki went over there to tell Victor goodbye.

Adam snuck back into his room and put on his ankle monitor just as Heather showed up. He let her in but forgot the tape recorder on the floor. Heather told him about Ashley convincing Victor to let her come visit anytime she wanted and they started to make love.

Phyllis asked Mary Jane how she was doing because of the whole Jack and Sharon thing. Mary Jane played it off saying from what she heard it wouldn't last and Jack would be back. Mary Jane left and Phyllis asked Nick if he was upset about Sharon moving in with Jack because he was hoping she'd move in with him instead. 

Amber returned to Daniel and told him about the screenplay. She asked him what Aucker wanted and he played vague. Amber tried to tickle it out of him with no success.

Mary Jane got very creepy petting her cat and saying Jack would come back to her. Meanwhile Jack reassured Sharon he wasn't doing this out of nobility but that he loved her and would love the baby too and it didn't matter who the father was.

Nick admitted he had some feelings about Sharon moving in with Jack but that it's a good move for her and he wanted things to go back to how great they were when Sharon was with Jack and they were together. Phyllis continued to wonder why this was happening and Nick told her it was none of their business.

Adam came downstairs and thanked Ashley for all her help with Victor. Meanwhile in the hall Victor looked at a picture of him and Ashley dancing at Katherine's wedding and got a look of what if on his face. Nikki went back to Crimson Lights and gave Paul the same kind of ice cream they had the day they met on the beach forever and a day ago. Paul told her they didn't have to get married right then but Nikki told him she belonged in his arms so yes she would marry him. 

Coming up tomorrow...

Colleen tells Jack it will double their fragrance line and asks if he can stop it. (whatever it may be)

Adam tells Ashley that Heather is the only friend he has in the world and she tells him Heather's not his only friend.

Victoria asks Nikki if she would have said yes to Paul if Victor had been available.

Question for today....

In Genoa City you don't have love triangles you have love out of the current love clusters on Y&R which one is your fave and how would you like it to end up?

A.) Nikki/Victor/Paul/Ashley

B.) Chloe/Billy/Lily/Cane/Mac

C.) Kevin/Jana/Daniel/Amber

D.) Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/Jack/Mary Jane with a little bit of Billy sperm thrown in

E.) some cluster I forgot to mention