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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Here's Owen!

EJ and Owen: EJ meets up with Owen. He asks questions to find out what kind of work Owen does for Stefano. Owen informs EJ that he has been working undercover, watching the Kiriakis family for the last 2 years. EJ tells Owen he wants him to take care of something for him but Owen is very reluctant to get his hands dirty. He tells EJ he doesn’t do that kind of thing - he just watches for Stefano. However, when EJ says he’ll get someone else to do it, Owen reluctantly changes his mind. Anyone else wondering why such a wuss is working for Stefano? There has to be more to him, right?


Later, EJ goes back to the mansion and tells Stefano’s painting, "It's going to work. I won't let you down."

Stephanie/Philip/Stefano/Owen: Outside at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip and Stephanie are all lovey-dovey. He tells her his next mission is to get Caroline to like him and Stephanie tells him the only thing he has to do is get stronger and stay safe. They also start planning for their future and talking about how many kids they want to have, etc. They get a little busy again. Then, after they are presentable again, Philip tells her he has to go for a little bit but he has a surprise waiting for her upstairs - so she goes to see what it is.

Later, Philip ends up at the warehouse where Stefano is being held. The nurse tells him that Stefano is barely hanging on and leaves. Philip goes on to have a flash back of Stefano at the pub blaming him for Tony’s death and Philip telling him it was Stefano’s fault.

Stephanie comes outside in a new negligee, looking for Philip. She finds Owen instead. He offers her a glass of lemonade and she takes it. She stops before she drinks it and puts it down before she goes into the house. Owen looks at the glass and says, "This is for you, Mr. DiMera, I'm gonna pull this off for you.”

When Philip returns home, he and Stephanie get mushy on the terrace and Owen looks on as Philip picks up the glass of lemonade and goes to take a drink.

Rafe and Dr Baker:
After reassuring Sami that he could take care of Dr. Baker, Rafe goes on the hunt for the doc. He heads over to the hospital first and sweet talks a nurse into giving him Dr. Baker’s address. Then, a little while later, Rafe runs into Dr. Baker on the docks as he’s getting roughed up by some goons. Rafe saves the day for the doc and asks that in return, he promise to leave town and never tell anyone Sami’s secret. Dr. Baker tells him he already is leaving town.

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Sami/Arianna/Nicole/Dr. Baker: Sami and Grace show up at the coffee house. For some strange reason, Sami leaves Grace at the front of the store while she goes to get her bottle heated up. While Sami’s occupied, Nicole comes in with Sydney and walks over and starts talking to Grace. Sami freaks out when she comes back and sees Nicole with Grace. The two of them naturally start arguing. Nicole walks away, but Sami follows and they continue arguing. The babies don’t seem too impressed as they get fussy and the arguing escalates until Arianna arrives and stops Nicole and Sami from doing anything crazy. Nicole warns Arianna that she should keep her brother away from Sami and then she leaves. Arianna apologizes if she made things worse, but Sami tells her it’s not her fault, Nicole is just awful.

Later, Nicole gets a call from Dr. Baker. He tells her that he’s changed his mind and decided to leave town so she wins. He also reminds her about the money she owes him. She tells him she’ll get it to him and hangs up on him before he can say anything else. She tells Sydney that she’s the luckiest girl in the world.

Sami and Rafe: Rafe arrives back at Sami’s and she asked what happened to him. He tells her that it’s nothing - he’s fine. Then, he informs her that her secret’s safe and Dr. Baker’s leaving town. She thanks him and they get mushy.

On the Next Episode of Days of Our Lives:

Victor gloats at Stefano's bedside, "Your illustrious son is running out of time, Stefano."

EJ angrily tells Nicole, "It's gonna be a cold day in hell before that man touches any of my father's estate."

Hope tells Bo, "You're the only one who's going to lose here." He replies, "I'll take my chances."

Stephanie shakes an unconscious Philip and yells, "Phillip, wake up... OMG!"