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General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 05.14.09

What’s a mom to do when her little man doesn’t want to live with her? What should she do when he rather move in with the father who has no paternal rights to him and a step-mother who is responsible for the boy’s one year coma? What’s a mom to do when the same son rather hang with his evil step-mother over his own mommy? What does Carly always do? She comes up with a plan and her plan is to move in with Sonny and company at Greystone. That can’t be good for her marriage.

Claudia is the Queen of botched hits. Sonny’s resulted in Michael getting shot, she couldn’t find anyone to kill her crazy daddy, got cold feet when she drugged Ric and the latest attempt on Jerry’s life was a big old mess. Remember her hired gun Fredo? The one who screwed up the car bomb? Well Claudia should know there is only one hitman in town and he finds Fredo who sings like a canary.

Jolivia… I know not another squish name but it’s happening and sources say more than once. There MAY even be an elevator involved. All together now… EWWWWW. I’m not sure I understand the motivation behind this pairing but it MAY do with this tidbit: FANFIC or SPOILER… I’ve seen it a few times now, does Claudia already know Dante? In the biblical sense? Is that an interesting twist? You did my brother, I did your son, and we’re even?

RUMORS about the hospital storyline coming up… An HMO is trying to take over General Hospital. Say it isn’t so… Say, didn’t you already write this storyline on NightShift Season One? Is Rebecca working for Helena? Is Helena behind the HMO? Remember she threatened to undo all of Nikolas’s good deeds and then promptly left town when she got her painting. So much for her threats to make Nikolas miserable. So is it Helena and Rebecca teaming up to take down GH? Is Guza going to have NotEmily start offing patients too? IF this is the story, it SHOULD involve Scrubs, Nikolas, the Q’s and anyone else on the Board who would team up to fight the takeover. Was this the story proposed that stop Jason Cook from walking?

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Or is it some more face time with his former screen partner Kirsten Storms? RUMORS have some Matt and Maxie goodness coming up and honestly, sorry Spixie fans, I say go for it. I love Spixie but as I’ve said from the get go, I just don’t see them committing to the pairing. I’m over the angst and IF they insist on only giving Bradford and Kirsten nothing but that, I’m done. A little happiness never killed anyone and a little love goes a long way. Have no fear JoMax fans. You MAY not get your payoff but Maxie will struggle with her attraction to Johnny and her jealousy over his new bed partner.

Which brings me to a little personal rant…. Don’t you guys love these? How much more depression are we supposed to take? The economy is still in the crapper, folks are struggling, and this is what ABC thinks we want to entertain ourselves with? Personally, I’ve had some stuff going on – nothing any of you should worry you pretty little heads about – but I have enough to be depressed about, do I really need to be depressed watching my guilty pleasure? You shot a kid in the head, killed off plenty of our faves, a father can’t be with his son because being a hitman is sooooo much cooler, your best actor is let go and so many others are sitting on the sidelines while the same characters get played and played out over and over again. I want some happiness! Hell at this point, I’ll take a great love story with Edward and Alice. Just give me something to root for and no, Ethan is not the answer. Why TPTB are so in love with this boy is beyond me. Rant over… for now. Back to our regularly scheduled SPOILER programming.

More cuts coming? Rick Hearst was the first, Megan Ward SHOULD be next. Who else COULD be leaving Prospect Studios? As I’ve mentioned before Johnny Z and Brandon Barash MAY not make it past the summer unless he takes a recurring role. Some “insiders” are saying at least two more will be cut to help fund the deals with current actors who are still in negotiations.


Did Tracy mess with the test? One RUMOR says she admits her guilt. Holly wants money for the truth. Will she ever stop conning long enough to be honest?

What about the Mayor’s wife? Surely you don’t pick up a huge soap name like Martha Byrne and leave her sitting on the side lines… wait, I forgot, this is a GH post. Do you put her in scenes with your latest and greatest Ethan Lovett? Do you guys really want me to answer that? RUMORS are out there that the Mayor’s wife likes to gamble and pays a visit to the Haunted Star –the most popular yet never full casino in Port Chuck – where she mixes it up with Luke’s protégé.

A few before I go... Robin returns and has a sweet reunion with her daughter. Rebecca dares Alexis to do her worst. JaSam locked in a garage until morning.