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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Suspicion and Bankruptcy

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One quick thing before I start. Is it just me or in the picture I posted above does it look like Victor has Ashley in a headlock? Hehe....ok now onto the recap...


Cayman Islands Catastrophe:

Jeffrey and Gloria were in the Caymans trying to get their money out of the failing bank. Jeffrey was on the phone with his contact so Gloria went to get ice. She ran into Jill who confessed her money was also in the bank and it was everything she had. Gloria offered to have Jeffrey help her get her money out too.

Jeffrey was able to get his assets out of the bank before it went under but was unable to help Jill. She freaked out and yelled that she was ruined. Jeffrey suggested she sell her half of the mansion to Katherine but Jill said there was no way she would do that because that's exactly what Katherine wanted.

Jill called the charter company to get home for Cane's wedding but was told they went under when the bank did as all their holdings were with the bank as well. Jeffrey offered to help Jill get home and give her enough money to get her life started again.

The three prepared to go home when a man at the hotel showed up and said Jeffrey's credit card had been declined. Jeffrey showed the man the check that had been delivered to him and said as soon as he got it deposited he'd pay the man in cash. The man told him those checks were handed out all over the island but were no good. Gloria freaked out and they all realized they were stranded and broke.

Gloria yelled at Jeffrey wondering how he could be so stupid to trust this bank. He said that he got the suggestion from Victor who was one of their biggest investors. Jill called Victor to get his help but Victor said he'd already pulled all his money out and was not in the position to help them and hung up. They all stewed angrily about Victor and wondered how they would ever get home.

Gaslighting at the Newman Ranch:

Abby busted Ashley for working from her bed. Ashley assured her that she was taking it easy. Abby brought up that she didn't think that Estella was responsible for all the things that had been happening and that Adam was a more likely suspect. Ashley reminded Abby that Adam was nearly blind and constricted due to his ankle monitor so it wasn't possible that Adam could have done all those things.

Adam boasted alone in his room about hiding the tape recorder with the tape of the baby crying playing. He turned the tape on and grinned mischeviously.

Downstairs Abby said goodbye to Estella and told her she didn't believe that Estella was the one responsible. Victor came down and sent Abby on her way and told Estella she didn't have to worry about things at the ranch anymore. Estella asked him if he really thought she could do all those awful things and continued to try and plead her case that she was innocent but Victor said it was best for her to leave for now to keep peace in the house for Ashley.

Ashley heard the baby crying again and ran out into the hall. Adam was there and said he heard something too. Ashley called out for Victor and as soon as he showed up she asked him to search the house. Victor confessed that Estella had just been in the house which to Ashley confirmed Estella's guilt.

Adam went downstairs and planted the tape recorder in a coat pocket in a bag of clothes using gloves so he wouldn't leave fingerprints. Just as he was done Victor came downstairs with Ashley and Adam offered to stay with her while Victor and the staff searched the house. Ashley thanked Adam for his support and Adam thanked her for her help in getting Victor to let Heather come over. When Adam said that Heather was his only friend Ashley assured him that wasn't true.

Victor said that they found nothing in the house. A messenger came by and picked up the bag with the tape recorder in it and left with it. Ashley left to get tea and Adam feigned his concern for Ashley which Victor said he appreciated.

Ashley brought Victor some tea and thanked Victor for having Estella leave the ranch. Victor said that now that Estella was gone Ashley had nothing to worry about. Ashley asked him if he was going to fire Estella and he said he wasn't because there was no clear proof that Estella had done anything. Ashley pitched a fit and Victor had to calm her down and send her to her room to rest.

Spreading Proposal News and Concerns for Heather Regarding Adam:

Paul and Nikki reveled in their engagement and talked about telling their kids about it. Nikki mentioned that they also needed to tell Victor which threw Paul for a loop. He finally agreed that Victor shouldn't hear the news through the grapevine.

Victoria ran into Heather at the club and told her that if Heather was with Adam she couldn't be trusted because Adam couldn't be trusted.

Heather went to Crimson Lights and Paul told her about his engagement to Nikki. She congratulated him and told him she was back together with Adam. He asked her if she'd lost her mind. She defended Adam and her choice to be with him. Paul said it would be one thing if Adam was just immature but he's dangerous.

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Nikki went to the ranch and told Victor about her engagement to Paul. Victor thanked her for telling him in person and wished her luck. You could see definite signs of loss and regret in both of their eyes.

After Nikki left Victor pulled out the picture of them dancing at Katherine's wedding and flashed back to the event.

Nikki went to the club and told Victoria the news. Victoria was none too thrilled at first and wondered if Nikki was doing this because Victor was with Ashley. Nikki assured her that at one point being with Victor and his unpredictible behavior was exactly what she wanted but now she wanted a man that she could be sure of and that was Paul. Just then Paul showed up and Victoria offered him her congratulations.

Heather went to Adam's room and told him that they should leave and get a fresh start someplace where no one knew them. Adam said he couldn't take her away from her life in Genoa City but she was insistant. He made it clear that they were not going to run away together and told her not to plan on making any big moves. She agreed and then started to seduce him.

Victor told Ashley about Nikki and Paul's engagement. When Ashley asked if he approved he said that Paul was a safe choice but he wasn't sure it would work because Nikki always jumped too quickly into relationships when Victor started a relationship with someone else. Ashley thanked him for telling her because that showed her he knew she wasn't threatened by the women he'd loved in the past.

Jack and Colleen vs. Newman Enterprises:

Colleen met up with Jack and told him that despite their best efforts the merger between Newman and the perfume company were going to go through. Jack told her not to worry he'd take care of it. Jack left and Colleen ran into Victoria. She feigned support for the merger since it went through but Victoria saw through it and confronted her about working with Jack against the company. Colleen tried to play it off but Victoria said that some people, presuming herself, had worked to get to the top and earn respect and that Colleen was letting herself be played by Jack. Colleen scoffed saying that Victoria had her success handed to her on a silver platter from daddy and if she thought that anyone actually took her seriously and wasn't just sucking up to her that she was the one who was getting played.

Victoria confronted Jack about the situation and said that one day all the people he used and abused and all the games he played would come back to bite him in the ass and she hoped she'd be around to see it. After Victoria was gone Jack called the perfume company and tried to sabotage the deal even offering to make them an offer himself.

Colleen met Abby at Crimson Lights to tell her that the money she needed from the trust Brad left for her would be available in the next week to bring over the horse trainer. Abby told Colleen that Victor already took care of it. Colleen asked her if she realized Victor was trying to buy her forgiveness for what he tried to do to Brad. Abby was offended by that and asked Colleen if she was planning on holding this grudge against Victor for the rest of her life to which Colleen responded, "and then some."

Coming up tomorrow....

Billy tells Jack to leave him alone because he's happy there and it's the only place he's happy anymore

Mary Jane makes a call pretending to be Nick's assistant and asking where Sharon Abbott is

Phyllis walks into the club with Mary Jane not far behind and sees Sharon in Nick's arms

Question for today...

Which lady of Genoa City is currently being the most annoying, vindictive, acting like a child throwing tantrums, wench? (sorry if I asked this question before but it's bugging me lol)

A.) Ashley - who is throwing accusations and innocent older ladies, throwing tantrums when things don't go her way, and having to be coddled, calmed down, and sent to her room by her fiance

B.) Victoria - who once again is having issues with mommy and daddy being with anyone but each other

C.) Colleen - who is still holding a grudge against Victor for leaving a nasty message on Brad's answering machine

D.) Sharon - who seems to want Jack to protect her, Billy to just disappear, and Nick to just bend to her will never thinking about anyone she might be destroying in the process

E.) Jill - who is still whining about her mommy who isn't really her mommy not coddling her and now refusing to sell the one thing that would keep her out of living in a cardboard box under a bridge in the Cayman's with Gloria and Jeffrey

F.) Other - cause I'm sure there are many other options on the show right now