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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Devon: When his Great-Aunt Virginia appears at Cane and Lily's reception she has some big news for him, Tyra is NOT a Hamilton! She's not related to his family by blood and the thing that is even more eye-opening, she's always known!! Devon's Aunt then gives him a letter written by his birth mother Yolanda that was for his birth father. When he reads it he finds out that his bio-dad knows NOTHING about him.


He's always been under the illusion that he was some random junkie or some john that his mom slept with and didn't want anything to do with him when they found out about him. Sounds like a Maury show in the making. Devon unleashes his fury on Tyra for knowing that she wasn't a blood relative but fortunately for her, he's too preoccupied with finding out that his father never knew about him. It has his mind wondering what type of man he is and if he would be open to the idea of having a son...

Paul: Ever since he bumped into Mary Jane at Murph and Kay's wedding, he can't shake the feeling that he knows her from somewhere. The instances that the two have met afterwards, Mary Jane hasn't done a thing to warrant Paul's suspicions but he still can't wonder what is it about her and starts to search into her past. Paul finds out that her resume is not legit and knows that she's very careful and doesn't give anything away to make you wonder if she's on the up and up. Later on, Paul tells Nikki about his reservations about Mary Jane and the two wonder what the real story behind the PR genius.

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Jack: He finds out that baby brother Billy and Sharon did the deed and could be the father of her baby. He tells Sharon that he still wants to raise the baby with her.

Ashley: She's taken to the hospital after suffering some bleeding. Ash and baby Newman are OK however, Victor finds some clippings of Sabrina in Ashley's bag. Victor then enlists Olivia to find a shrink for her.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: Big red lets Nick know that she does not want Sharon to be a factor in their marriage. The joke is on Phyllis because Nick pulls Sharon into a passionate kiss and lets her know he wants out of HIS marriage! Meanwhile Sharon makes a huge choice that will affect all..

The Chancellors and Abbotts have a Memorial Day party together and the fireworks aren't the explosive things at the event... Raul shows up and plants a huge kiss on Mac! Seems that while in Darfur, the duo met up again and Raul popped the question to Mac! She accepted his hand in marriage but wasn't quite ready to come back with him to Washington. Billy is pissed when he finds this all out and its killing him inside and this doesn't go unnoticed by wife Chloe... Due to this revelation, the fashionista makes a life-altering decision that could ruin her family. Chloe and baby Delia move back into the Chancellor estate.

Rumors: One or possibly two Genoa City family will be a few family members light during the holidays.