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A Mid-Spring Afternoon's Blind Items!

Get ready for a sizzling, hot summer of scandal, behind-the-scenes that is. It's been awhile since we've teased you with the soap-operas-behind-the-soap-operas, and since it's Friday, I thought I'd serve up a nice, helping of Blind Items to help you kick off your weekend!


*This soap executive producer is busy trying to convince a rising, young star to stay on his or her sudser, even though the person-in-question has told everyone and their Mama they're quitting. Will the show convince them to stay? If so, what will that mean for the heavily-pimped exit storyline the show already had planned? 

*A network executive is reported to be in quite the bidding war with one of the executive producers of one of his or her own soaps over one of the struggling soap's biggest stars! The corporate shark wants to pluck the star for one of their network's higher profile shows, meanwhile the struggling soap is desperately trying to keep the coveted soaper.

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*This popular soap star came thisclose to remaining on his or her network, when a sister soap came up with a storyline to spin the thesp over to their daytime drama. Too bad the network chief nixed the idea. Oh well, the talented entertainer has already booked a new gig.

*A wildly popular soap superstar is rumored to reprise his or her role on this soap opera this summer for a blink-and-you'll miss it guest stint. Could the return be in conjunction with a family tragedy?

*Frustrated fans wondering when they will see storyline payoff on one daytime drama shouldn't hold their breath. The storylines denoument is likely to be scrapped, because the network brass keeps rejecting every finale the soap proposes.