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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Hey Bo, You're a Renegade!


Yesterday was just crazy for me. Once again, Victor was the best part of the show. Gotta love him!  Anyway, on with the recap…


The Pub:

Outside the pub, Max and Melanie talk about the merits of having Shawn Brady vs. Trent as a father. Then, Max asks Melanie what’s going on with her and worries that she’s still wrapped up in the DiMeras vs. the Kiriakises mess. She claims she isn’t but that she did help save Philip the other day. Max warns her to stay out of it. Somehow this leads to Melanie apologizing for messing up him and Stephanie. Max says it wasn’t her fault but Melanie thinks it is and can see that Max is worried about Stephanie. She leaves.

Inside the pub, Bo tells Hope how worried he is about this stuff going on with Victor and the DiMeras. He tells her how worried he is that someone’s going to be killed.

Later, after briefly visiting with an unconscious Stefano, Victor arrives after being summoned to the pub by Hope. Hope tries to get Victor and Bo to talk to each other and works things out but Bo says they can’t until Victor lets the stuff with Dimeras go. Victor tells him he can’t but not to worry, he’s taking care of it. Bo wants to know what he’s planning but obviously Victor can’t tell the commish anything.

Bo starts ranting about having to arrest Victor and Victor reminds Bo, what most have us have probably been screaming at the TV for months, that Bo is a rebel. He tells Bo, “You know, Bo, it always amuses me when you start lecturing on the law. You've never been much of a stickler for it, if I remember correctly. Not in real life. You're a renegade, Bo, through and through. And in case you're wondering, you inherited that from me.” This makes Bo even angrier and tells Victor he’s going to bring him down to the station. Hope pulls him aside and tries to calm him down. She points out how he doesn’t have anything to on Victor to bring him in and Bo says he’ll think of something. Sounds like the letter of the law to me –lol!

Then, Bo gets call on his cellphone and walks away to take it. This gives Hope and Victor a chance to talk. She apologizes to Victor for Bo’s behaviour and explains that he’s just worried and under a lot of pressure from work. Victor tells her he can see that and that Bo is lucky to have a wife like her. He tells her that he loves her like a daughter and to trust him – everything is going work out okay.

Max comes down with Ciara and Victor says hello to Ciara and leaves just as Bo is coming back. Max explains they’re having a crisis because they can’t find her teddy bear. Bo thinks he might know where it is because of his vision of finding it in the woods. After, Max goes upstairs to look again he finds it in the crib and says that it looks like Allie was playing baby again. Bo thinks that his vision must have just been wrong again but can’t seem to shake it.

The Kiriakis Mansion:

Philip starts feeling dizzy and can hardly stand so Stephanie tries to convince him to go to bed, but he keeps insisting he’s fine. Meanwhile, Owen talks to EJ on the phone and tries to tell him what’s happening but EJ doesn’t want any information so he can have plausible deniability.

Later, Melanie shows up with some flowers she stole from the hospital. She is shocked to discover that Philip and Stephanie are engaged. She goes with Stephanie into the house and they talk while Philip keeps flopping around outside trying to stay conscious. Eventually, Owen convince him he should go inside and starts helping him in when a security guard comes to take him in instead. When Philip gets inside, he overhears Melanie telling Stephanie that she can’t change Philip and that she’s in danger with him. Philip freaks out and has the guards remove Melanie from the premises. Philip’s behaviour continues to be erratic as he tries to shake off the effects of the drug. Stephanie tries to get him to go to bed again but he sits on the couch insisting he’s fine.

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Later, Henderson comes back and says the movie was horrid so they left early. He hands Stephanie a bracelet that he thinks she dropped and says goodnight. Stephanie tells Philip it’s Melanie’s and he grabs it and puts it in an ash tray saying that’s where it belongs. He finally decides bed might be the best place for him, so he heads up there. Then Owen comes out of the bushes, startling Stephanie. She says she thought he’d left and he tells her he had some loose ends to tie up first.

The DiMera Mansion and the Warehouse:

After getting off the phone with Doctor Baker, Nicole goes in to the living room of the DiMansion and sees the Stefano’s painting is down. She asks EJ what’s going on and he tells her he has a plan to help Stefano. She tells him she knew he would come up with something and he claims it was her pep talk earlier that caused her to find what he needed for his plan. Then, the two over them have sex on the couch. Apparently, sex in a bedroom is highly over-rated on this show –lol!

Meanwhile, Victor goes back to the warehouse to visit Stefano. He starts to put a white sheet over Stefano, when the Phoenix grabs his arm and tells him he’s not dead yet. Victor smiles and tells him, “Good, 'cause I'm not done with you yet.”

Later, EJ gets a call from Stefano. Stefano tells EJ he has faith in him because he’s a DiMera. EJ promises he has a plan to get him out of there. Then, Victor takes the phone from Stefano and reminds EJ what will happen if he doesn’t follow through with handing over DiMera holdings. EJ tells Victor that it will take the entire 72 hours to do the transfer. Victor warns him to use his time wisely and EJ says he will.

Later, Victor tells Stefano that he has to leave and this will probably be Stefano’s last day on this earth unless EJ can come up with a miracle. Stefano says that he believes in his son.

Meanwhile, EJ finds Nicole finishing reading a story to Sydney. They talk about happy endings and agree that you have to do what you have to do to make them happen. He smiles and says he’s glad they’ve reached an understanding about his business. The look on Nicole’s face hints that she’s not as cool with everything as she claims.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

In Maggie’s kitchen, Mia asks Will, "You two know each other?" Will replies, "Yeah, she's my Aunt Maggie."

Melanie tells Brady, "Stephanie doesn't accept what Phillip does, and she never will."

Phillip tells Stephanie, "Maybe you shouldn't marry me." Stephanie angrily replies, "Maybe I shouldn't."

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Sami, "Samantha, don't make this into something bigger than it really is." Sami asks, "EJ, what the hell is going on here?"