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Daytime Confidential on Twitter

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Who would have thought that someone like me, who considers themselves quite tech savy, would find using Twitter complicated? I have no problems editing podcasts, hooking up computers, setting up a TV, running a Blackberry or configuring DVR and yet something as "simple" as Twitter has me looking for an aspirin? That's right folks, I'm giving Twitter a shot for Daytime Confidential. I set it up a month or two ago, made two tweets and logged off. Today I returned and discovered over 350 followers. I don't know who you are, but thank you. I will give you a warning, please oh please bear with me because I'm not sure how this will go. If you have any Twitter tips I'd love to know them.


Fortunately my Daytime Confidential crew; Regan, Jamey, Brooke, Belinda and Tina are helping me take my first Twitter steps. Wait, I just realized. I have a "crew." DC Shnizzle for twizzle.  Another big shout out needs to go out to and The Scrubs Hub for giving me tips and welcoming me to Twitterland. I wonder how long it will take to get to 1000?

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