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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.15.09


Has all the Emmy drama died down? Congrats to the GH stars who were nominated. Now onto the SCOOP!

Michael’s awake… no memory of what happened to him and a little peeved his parents weren’t there. Edward and Monica tell Sonny they’re not going to let him hurt Michael again. Who jumps to Sonny’s defense? Who’s been his biggest cheerleader lately despite not wanting her own son around him? Olivia. She tells the Q’s to back off. But Edward wants his great grandson in the family fold and Michael MAY be toying with the old man. He’s also not going to be very nice to his mother as we’ve been dishing and it LOOKS like Michael dishes to Lulu just how mad he is at him momma.

More Lulu… She’s with Michael and there’s also this Ethan mess. Tracy, for whatever reason, admits to her step-daughter that she did mess with the test but did she see the real results or just fix them to make sure Luke isn’t the father? But why dish to Lulu? To keep her from committing maybe incest? Lulu is also battling her brother over their maybe half-brother.

If you’re not looking forward to Jolivia and hell if you are, next Wednesday is the day. Tune in or tune out, do what you must. I’m slightly intrigued to see how they play this all out. Sonny hates it, Claudia hates… will we? And what will this do to Maxie?

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Maxie, Maxie, Maxie… green is not your color. She gets a little miffed when Spinelli tells that Johnny hit the sheets with Olivia. More so that he didn’t call her to scratch his itch. But who is Maxie hooking up with? Matt SEEMS to be the likely candidate as RUMORS have them spending some time together but could Maxie be getting a WTF hook-up as well?

Jason wants to prove that Claudia is the guilty party. Really? Are they seriously making their golden boy an idiot now too? Half of Port Chuck knows that Claudia is responsible yet Jason’s still trying to gather evidence?

Rayner return? He struck a deal with Jason and then POOF he was gone. RUMORS have the FBI Agent making a return with Alexis making a request of him. She needs dirt on NotEmily. Will he oblige the D.A.’s request? What will it cost her?

That’s all for today kids… we can do a mini Q & A since it’s so late in the day.

WAIT... I had to miss the Emmy podcast last night which bummed me out. Here's a little Emmy opinion from me... Way to go Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson. They deserved the nomination. I like Julie Marie Berman but I wasn't over the moon with her crazy storyline and would have much rather seen her spot go to the much more deserving Kristen Alderson (Starr, OLTL). You know how I get on the writers at GH all the time so not really thinking they deserve that nod and do I really need to get started on Tony Geary? He didn't deserve the pre-nom IMO. Snubbed in Port Chuck? Bruce Weitz (Anthony "ZaCrazy" Zaccharra), Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) and Laura Wright (Carly).