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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: The Wedding Rehearsal

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Abbott/Newman Drama:


Nick called Phyllis to tell her he was going to be late for dinner because he had to talk to his dad. Before he could ring the doorbell he found a package for Adam sitting on the porch. Adam let Nick in but Nick wouldn't hand over the package saying he didn't trust him. When Nick questioned what was in the package Adam said it was computer software in brail and if Nick didn't believe him he'd show him his brail computer. He hurried along to get it and ran into a table on the way. Nick asked if he could help but Adam told him to just leave. Nick dropped the package on the couch and left.

Jack and Sharon went to the club for dinner and ran into Phyllis. The women shared some snide comments and then Jack escorted Sharon to their table. As soon as they were gone Mary Jane came over to Phyllis and told her there was a major news guy who wanted to do an interview with her. Phyllis wanted it to wait until tomorrow but Mary Jane said he would be leaving that night and it had to be now or never so Phyllis agreed and they left to go over to Restless Style.

Jack received a phone call from a frantic Chloe saying Delia wouldn't stop crying and Billy was at Jimmy's. Jack told Sharon he'd be right back and headed over to send Billy home.

Adam opened up the package and it looked like equipment to bug the house. He put it together and then tested it and everything seemed to be working perfectly which pleased him.

Once Phyllis and Mary Jane were at Restless Style Phyllis left to go freshen up and Mary Jane called the club pretending to be Nick's assistant and asked them to tell Sharon that Nick was on his way and needed to talk to her urgently.

Billy was at Jimmy's just as Chloe expected and once again tried to subtley put the moves on Mac. He put a song on the juke box that brought up a memory of their past but when he tried to talk to her about it Jack showed up. He scolded Billy for shirking his responsibilities as a father for going after a woman who basically wasn't the woman he'd fell in love with in the past when he had a woman who loved him flaws and all waiting for him at home.

Nick showed up at the club and Sharon asked him what the emergency was. He had no clue what she was talking about. Sharon started to feel ill so Nick took her over to a chair to sit down and relax. He assumed she was suffering from the bug that everyone around town was catching and she didn't correct him.

When Phyllis returned Mary Jane told her the interview was cancelled and they headed back to the club. When they got there they walked in on Nick trying to help Sharon outside for some air but it looked like they were hugging. Sharon went to the restroom saying she didn't want them to get sick too and Phyllis asked Nick to take her home. Mary Jane watched obviously very pleased with herself. Jack returned and noticed Sharon wasn't feeling well and they left to go home as well.

Billy asked Mac for another drink and she said she'd call him a cab. But Cane showed up and said he'd take Billy home. When Billy asked him what he was doing there Cane told him that he wanted to invite Billy to his wedding. Billy wasn't convinced but Cane said he wanted to try and be brothers like they should have been all along and he wanted Billy to be there for the best day of his life.

Stranded on the Cayman Islands:

Jill, Jeffrey, and Gloria continued to try to find a way home. Jill was able to scrounge up about sixty bucks and Jeffrey wanted to go pawn some of his things and Gloria's jewelry. But Gloria said she didn't have any of her jewelry with her and hid her gems in her bra so Jeffrey wouldn't see them.

Jill called Jack and told him about her situation. When she told him that it was Victor's fault and she would go after him if she could just get home Jack agreed to pay her way back. He also agreed to help Gloria and Jeffrey which stunned them all.

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A messenger showed up with the tickets and Jill noticed that she would be flying coach with two stops along the way but Gloria and Jeffrey would be traveling in the steerage compartment of a cargo ship. She told them to give her best to Porky Pig.

Katherine noticed that Jill wasn't at Cane's wedding rehearsal so she went to the club to see if she was there. She said it was because she wanted to know what Jill was up to but Murphy knew better and got her to admit she was really just worried about Jill since she hadn't come home.

Wedding Rehearsal:

The rehearsal ended and everyone but Cane left to go get ready for the rehearsal party. Once everyone was gone Cane got on his knees and prayed to God thanking him for everything he had and how far he'd come from when he'd had nothing.

At the party everyone was celebrating and Colleen and Devon gave toasts. Cane told Katherine he couldn't accept her lavish wedding gift and that he wanted to donate his inheritance to charity but she told him to think about it more before he did that. Cane left to check on Lily and Katherine told Neil he was getting an amazing son in law and Neil agreed.

Neil joined Cane up at the bar and welcomed him into the family. Anna came over and hinted to Neil that he should ask Tyra to dance so he did. When they started dancing Karen came in and saw them together.

Neil pulled her aside and Karen told him she wanted him to sign the divorce papers personally. He tried once again to stop her but gave up when he noticed the look on her face was not swayed. He signed the papers and handed them back to Karen and she left.

Cane went outside and flashed back to a moment he and Lily had shared there before. She came out to check on him and he said that he didn't know what he would do if he ever lost her again. Lily told him that would never happen but started to look worried when she started to remember how her marriage to Daniel failed. She told him that after that and after losing her mom she needed to feel safe again and Cane did that for her because she knew that Cane would never lie to her. He hugged her but looked guilty.

Cane and Lily said their goodbyes knowing that the next time they saw each other it would be walking down the isle. Lily went back to the apartment with Neil and he showed her Dru's wedding dress saying she would be so proud that Lily was going to wear it.

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I'm leaving the question out today because the main question on my mind is how is this show not up for best writing or best show in the emmy's? So let's discuss that instead....